Spectrum of Obstetric Services Expanded at Highland Hospital's Family Maternity Center

November 08, 2000

Specialists in high-risk pregnancy and certified nurse midwives have been added to the spectrum of obstetric services at Highland Hospital's Family Maternity Center. A long-time leader in maternity services among Rochester's community hospitals, these enhancements bring new levels of consultation and personalized care for patients at Highland.

"We are working to further integrate the obstetric services between Highland and Strong Memorial Hospital, to offer a level of consultation for higher-risk patients that has not previously been available at Highland," says David S. Guzick, M.D., Ph.D., chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology for the University of Rochester Medical Center and Strong Memorial Hospital, and acting chief of Ob/Gyn for Highland Hospital. "In addition, our nurse-midwifery group brings a new dimension to Highland, providing superb one-on-one care to women and families."

Sub-Specialty Expertise Added

Enhancements at Highland include the appointment of Thomas J. McNanley, M.D. as director of Obstetrics. Board certified in Maternal-Fetal Medicine as well as Ob/Gyn, McNanley brings the presence of on-site Maternal-Fetal Medicine expertise to Highland, for general oversight of obstetrics and for evaluation of higher-risk patients as needed.

"At Highland, we are offering services similar to Strong that have not previously been offered in a community hospital in Rochester," McNanley says. "These include ultrasound for normal and high-risk pregnancies, fetal echocardiograms, consultations, and gynecologic ultrasounds." A new perinatal center at Highland allows fetal evaluations, like non-stress tests and biophysical exams, to be offered at the Family Maternity Center.

Personalized Midwifery Care

In September, the Strong Health Midwifery Group expanded and relocated their practice from Strong to Highland to complement the Family Maternity Center. Under the leadership of Elizabeth M. Cooper, C.N.M, Ed.D., the group of six midwives provides "personalized, low-tech, high-touch care to women and families giving birth," Cooper says.

"Our approach to birth is a great match to the calm, lovely atmosphere of Highland. "We offer a warm, inviting setting for the provision of both maternity and well-woman care," Cooper says. The midwives will work closely with Highland's Center for Women to provide full health care services for women of all ages.

For more information on the Family Maternity Center or the Midwifery Group, call 271-4636.

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