$2 Million Grant Comes from Generosity of Thousands - and One

Benefactor's Challenge Grant Brings Resources for More Nurses

June 10, 2002

Two years ago, the estate of local benefactor Charles McLouth, III of Palmyra, NY, offered $2 million to help the University of Rochester School of Nursing educate nurses - provided the school could raise $1 million from alumni, the community, and charitable organizations. Through diligent efforts and the generosity of many, the School has succeeded and accepted McLouth's gift, in another step toward solving the nursing shortage.

The bequest came about from McLouth's personal exposure to nursing. McLouth's sister, the late Martha McLouth, had cerebral palsy and needed nursing care her whole life - often 24-hour care. From that experience, McLouth recognized the importance of educating nurses to become leaders in their field. His gift would establish the Mclouth Scholarship Fund for students at the University of Rochester School of Nursing.

But first, the School needed to raise $1 million on its own. Several charitable foundations and about a dozen individual donors made major contributions to the effort, with the remainder coming from numerous School of Nursing alumni who made new or increased contributions to the School.

"Truly, thousands of people played a part in making this success a reality," says Andrea Marshall, associate director of development at the University of Rochester School of Nursing.

The McLouth Scholarship will fund students who are interested in exploring creative solutions in nursing education, practice and research. It also will provide essential resources to recruit nurses to the field and further the education of RNs - considered critical steps toward easing the national nursing shortage and providing better patient care in the U.S.

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