Smilemobile Program Celebrates 30th Anniversary and Dedication of Smilemobile III

October 30, 2000

Friends of Strong Health's Smilemobile Program have been invited to gather at No. 14 School, 200 University Avenue, at 10 A.M. on Wednesday, November 1, to celebrate the program's 30th anniversary and dedication of its new unit.

"Community service is the foundation of Eastman Dental Center's long history of providing dental care to those in need," said Dr. Cyril Meyerowitz, professor and chair of the Eastman Department of Dentistry and director of the Eastman Dental Center. "EDC continues that tradition with innovative programs such as the Smilemobile Program, which brings dental care to those who would not otherwise have access to it."

It is fitting that the celebration is planned at the University Avenue school because that location is the site of one of Rochester's first dental clinics opened in 1910 by several leading dentists to care for neighborhood children.

Smilemobiles are mobile dental units that travel to inner city and rural sites to provide comprehensive oral health care to children. In the early 60s, several part-time dentists and volunteer assistants and hygienists developed a program that provided basic oral health services for elementary school children.

Today, a full-time pediatric dentist, auxiliary staff, and a coordinator staff each Smilemobile. The services have been expanded to include x-rays, fluoride treatment, sealants, restorations, stainless steel crowns, and extractions. Dental health education is now made available to classrooms, parents, teachers, and the community.

The Smilemobile Program is part of Eastman Dental Center's Community Dentistry Outreach Program, which was recently recognized at the Surgeon General's Conference on Children and Oral Health, as one of the "success stories" on community collaboration and dental health in the United States.

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