Third Bittner Golf Classic Raises Over $120,000; Proceeds Augment Fund for Brain Tumor Research

October 09, 2000

The Third Annual Ronald L. Bittner Memorial Golf Classic held August 11 at Bristol Harbour Golf Club in Canandaigua, raised more than $120,000 for the Ronald L. Bittner Fund in Biomedical Research. Bittner, former Frontier Corporation chief executive officer, succumbed to a brain tumor in August 1997. The Memorial Golf Classic was created by Bittner's family shortly after his death to honor his memory and raise money for research in combating brain tumors. To date, the three golf classics have raised $275,000 for the Bittner fund.

The University of Rochester's Department of Neurological Surgery is utilizing these resources to fund advanced brain tumor therapy research. This includes the development of better image-guided surgeries for brain tumors and developing collaborative research programs in cell biology and stem cell therapeutics. These efforts involve researchers at the University of Rochester, as well as other universities and industrial partners. It is anticipated that this research will lead to novel biological therapies that can be delivered to brain tumors through the use of image-guided surgical equipment.

To date, the University's Neurological Surgery Department has utilized the Bittner Fund to cover the costs of graduate student and post-doctoral research fellows working with ultrasound navigation equipment, and augmented reality-displays for advanced surgical technologies. Collaborative efforts in cell biology and stem cell therapeutics have been established with researchers at the University of Rochester, other universities, and industrial partners. Additional investments in these areas promise rapid development of new surgical therapies for brain tumors.

Next year's tournament is slated for August 24 at Bristol Harbour. For more information, contact Mary Frances Collins at (716) 275-2420 or go to

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