From the Tulip Capital to the Flower City: Dutch Nurses Visit Golisano Children’s Hospital to Share, Learn

June 03, 2002

Nurses from University Hospital of Rotterdam in the Netherlands are visiting Rochester this week, shadowing nurses from Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong in an effort to better patient care on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

This is the fourth year of the exchange between University Hospital of Rotterdam and the University of Rochester Medical Center - of which Golisano Children’s Hospital is a part - but this is the first time that pediatric nurses will be involved in the unique learning experience.

The program’s first exchange was in 1998, when seven Dutch nurses visited Rochester. Shadowing their hosts at work and at home, they learned the similarities and differences in how the nursing practice is conducted in the two countries. Members of each contingent share innovations in technologies, nursing practice, and medications are shared, with a focus on implementation, if appropriate.

This year’s seven-day exchange began Monday, with formal introductions and tours of the hospital. Nearly two days are designated for shadowing the host in his or her daily work schedule. Another day is set aside for education and research sessions, where a research project will be developed and implemented at the two hospitals, and findings from both countries will be shared and analyzed.

Nurses from Golisano Children’s Hospital taking part in the exchange and hosting their Dutch counterparts are Tracy Edmunds, from the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit; Erica Burnell and Nancy Stephany, from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; and Joanne Fioravanti, senior advanced practice nurse.

"We’re all quite excited to be taking part in the exchange, and we hope that, in addition to sharing nursing experiences, we can share some American culture with our visitors," Fioravanti says. "In September, we will be going to the Netherlands and the exchange - and the learning - will continue. This is an exciting adventure for everyone."

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