State Recognizes Medical Center's Miner Library as Electronic Leader

July 28, 2000

New York State Education Commissioner Richard Mills recently recognized the Edward G. Miner Library at the University of Rochester Medical Center as an "Electronic Doorway Library," one of a growing number of libraries in the state officially designated for its use of computers and telecommunications technology to provide electronic library services. Miner Library, the University of Rochester's medical library serving faculty, staff and students, is recognized as a "Leader," the highest level attained by any library in the state.

"With our computer technology and electronic networking capacity, we have exciting new opportunities to meet the information needs of our students, educators, researchers and clinicians," said Edward M. Hundert, M.D., newly-appointed dean of the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. "Using resources provided through our library, students can find the information they need from online textbooks, drug references, journal articles, and databases as well as interactive atlases and other learning materials. Also, through electronic means, they can request assistance from a librarian and learn how to retrieve and evaluate information from the web."

An electronic doorway library provides a two-way flow of requests and information, into and out of a library, by electronic means. "People in an academic medical center cannot learn and work without access to current information and technology," said Julia Sollenberger, the Miner Library's director. "An electronic doorway library uses computer and telecommunication technology, a full range of library resources, and the services of skilled librarians and technology specialists to facilitate learning and research at the Medical Center and to improve patient care for all providers affiliated with Strong Health.

"Our goal is to provide the training and the resources to support lifelong learning for our students and healthcare professionals," she said. "We also recognize that health and wellness information empowers patients and family members to be more involved in care decisions, and we are working to provide medical information to these groups as well."

"This official designation recognizes that the Edward G. Miner Library is using advanced technology to revolutionize the delivery of library services," said Janet M. Welch, State librarian and assistant commissioner for Libraries. "Our vision is that all of New York's libraries will achieve the long-sought goal of seamless, high-level electronic communication for obtaining needed information resources for its users."

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