Family Has Special Reason to Give Thanks

A Knapp Creek boy persevered in the face of serious illness

November 19, 1999

While his classmates were busy learning to add and subtract earlier this year, six-year-old Daniel Peters was fighting for his life.

In February, Daniel, of Knapp Creek, complained of stomach pains and experienced occasional vomiting. His parents were shocked to learn their son had Burkitt's lymphoma, an aggressive form of cancer often found in Central Africa, but not usually seen in the U.S.

"That was the furthest thing from my mind," says Daniel's mother, Robin Peters. "Who would ever think their son has cancer? I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy."

Daniel's pediatrician, Robert Dundas, M.D., of Pediatric Associates in Olean, referred him to Children's Hospital at Strong of the University of Rochester. He received two months of chemotherapy treatments under the watchful eye of David Korones, M.D.

"I just saw him last week for a check-up and he's doing great," Korones says. "He's got a full head of hair and you'd never know anything had been wrong. I really think he's going to be OK. He's a cute little kid, a great little kid."

Daniel's parents - Robin and Donald - are grateful their son has a new lease on life. When they celebrate Thanksgiving next week, they'll do so with all four of their children, a fact they don't take for granted.

"It certainly will be a special holiday," Robin says. "I count my blessings every day. When I found out Daniel had cancer, it was like my whole world came crashing down. Now, he's on the mend and we won't ever be able to express how thankful we are."

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