Brighton's Evan Cummings Honored for His Outstanding Commitment

Courageous teen-ager devotes much of his time to helping children

October 13, 1999

Children's Hospital at Strong has awarded the Diane R. Doniger Miracle Maker Award for Outstanding Commitment by an Individual to Evan Cummings.

Evan, of Brighton, became a household name on Thanksgiving eve, 1996, when he broke his neck jumping off his family's deck while attempting to make snow angels for his sisters; he was left paralyzed from the shoulders down. Evan remains a familiar face in the community for a much different reason now, though - because of his tireless dedication to helping other children.

Evan's extraordinary commitment to Children's Hospital at Strong is evident by his participation in the annual Children's Miracle Network Telethon. He was not only featured as one of our Miracle Maker stories, but in 1998 was selected to represent New York State at CMN's national broadcast in Orlando, Fla. In addition, Evan volunteered his time and talent to serve as one of the hosts of this year's local CMN telethon.

"Co-hosting the telethon was such a great experience," Evan says. "It makes me feel incredible knowing that all the money raised is staying right here to help kids like me at the Children's Hospital at Strong. Anything that I can do for the kids and the hospital makes me feel great because they were there for me when I needed them."

Many people don't realize that Evan was helped by Children's Hospital at Strong long before his injury nearly three years ago. When he was born he stayed in the hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where he was treated for multiple complications during delivery. Despite his shaky beginnings, Evan grew up acting, singing, earning top grades at Sienna Catholic Academy, and spending time with his family.

Even after his accident, Evan continues to enjoy many of the same activities. The staff at Children's Hospital at Strong feels fortunate to have a Miracle Maker like Evan on our side. His enthusiasm and love for life are an inspiration to us all.

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