Passport Health Offers On-Site Flu Shots For Area Companies

Flu shots help improve lost revenue due to absenteeism

September 09, 1999

Flu season is rapidly approaching and will bring with it sick employees, lost workdays, and decreased productivity. Studies* show that flu shots can minimize lost revenue and disruption in the workplace.

Passport Health, a health promotion/prevention service geared mainly toward international travelers, is offering on-site flu vaccine clinics to area companies to help businesses maintain a healthy workforce.

The Passport Health corporate flu vaccine service includes: on-site vaccination clinics at companies with a minimum of 15 employees; individual flu shots at $10 per person (currently the lowest community rate); free educational brochures and posters regarding the flu virus vaccine and its benefits to display in employee areas; and an optional pneumonia vaccine offered during the clinic for $30 per person.

Passport Health will bill the sponsoring company for this service, or employees can pay directly by cash, check, or major credit card, and submit a request for reimbursement to their health care insurer.

"Many area employers, as a gesture of good will, find it worthwhile to pay for this service," says William Russell, R.N., director of Passport Health. "It motivates employees to receive a flu vaccination, and the cost can be claimed as a corporate expense, which is made up by decreased absenteeism."

Russell recommends early planning since the high-demand flu vaccine is often unavailable later in the season. "The optimal time to administer flu vaccine is mid-September through early November," he says.

To schedule a corporate on-site flu vaccine clinic, call 275-8884.

Headquarterd in Baltimore, the Rochester branch of Passport Health operates through the University of Rochester School of Nursing. To schedule an appointment or for further information, contact Passport Health at (716) 275-8884, or toll free at (888) 499-PASS (7277). The office is located on the University of Rochester campus and offers flexible hours to accommodate the traveler's busy schedule.

* Pasteur Merieux Connaught / Eastman Kodak - 1998

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