Meeting the Challenge: EMS Week, May 16 - 22, 1999

May 11, 1999

LOCATION: May 17 & 18, Marketplace Mall

May 19, Greece Ridge Center Mall

May 21, Eastview Mall

TIME: Held throughout the day, during each mall's hours of operation

The Monroe-Livingston Regional Emergency Medical Services Council, in conjunction with Strong Memorial Hospital's Office of Prehospital Care, will host Emergency Medical Services Week during the third week of May.

This year's celebration, which marks the silver anniversary of emergency medical services, seeks to meet the challenge of community education. Informational displays will be in place throughout the week in area malls to promote public awareness of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and defibrillation by trained community lay persons. Each mall display will include an ambulance and on-going demonstrations of CPR and public access defibrillators by EMS personnel.

Special emphasis will be placed on the existence and use of public access defibrillators, which have recently been installed in Monroe County office buildings and in several private corporate settings around Rochester. The defibrillation units are used to stop life threatening heart rhythms which cause people to collapse when their hearts can no longer beat effectively. The availability of public access defibrillators allows treatment to begin while the ambulance is enroute.

The Monroe-Livingston Regional Emergency Medical Services establishes rules, regulations, and standards for this region's emergency medical services. The council collaborates with Strong's Office of Prehospital Care to ensure quality EMS delivery.

The Office of Prehospital Care was established in 1996 through the collaborative efforts of the Monroe-Livingston Regional EMS Council, the Monroe County Health Department, and the University of Rochester Medical Center's Strong Memorial Hospital. The office is responsible for promoting an automated, integrated emergency health care system to improve prehospital care by maintaining quality assurance, by reducing health care costs, by promoting prevention and wellness efforts for a healthier community, and by providing education to prehospital care providers, as well as the community.

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