UR scientist, former colleagues co-author book about graduate school experience

March 31, 1999

Nicholas Cohen, Ph.D., professor of microbiology and immunology, psychiatry and oncology at the University of Rochester Medical Center, has collaborated with former URMC postdoctoral fellows Dale F. Bloom, Ph.D., and Jonathan D. Karp, Ph.D., on a book that provides a real-world view of the graduate school process and what it takes to earn a doctorate in the sciences.

Released by Oxford University Press in December, "The Ph.D. Process: A

Student’s Guide to Graduate School in the Sciences" offers those considering a graduate degree valuable insight into the educational experience, from beginning to end.

"We drew from our own experiences as former graduate students, and as individuals who now see the process from another perspective," Cohen says. "We also contacted hundreds of students who had helpful advice to give and included many of their comments and reflections in the book."

The book provides an understanding about the graduate school experience, from the application process, to choosing an adviser, to writing and defending the dissertation. It also includes information for foreign students, who face unique issues relating to graduate school in the United States.

"‘The Ph.D. Process: A Student’s Guide to Graduate School in the Sciences’ illustrates difficulties encountered in earning a graduate degree, but it also stresses the positives, so that the reader comes away with an understanding of the process and can make an educated decision about the future," Cohen says.

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