UR Director Appointed to Bring Research Opportunities to Community Physicians

February 23, 1999

Denni Day has been appointed director of the Community Research Network and chief financial officer of the Clinical Research Institute at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Day is formerly the assistant director for administration for the Medical Center's Clinical Trials Coordination Center. In her new position, Day will locate community physicians throughout upstate New York who are interested in participating in research to evaluate new drugs, and give them opportunities to participate in such studies through the University of Rochester.

In order to test whether new drugs treatments are safe and effective, doctors conduct research studies in which they provide a drug to patients. Day will keep area doctors abreast of new studies in which they may be interested, as well as teach physicians how to dedicate office space and staff to these patients and how to accurately document each patient’s physical and mental condition throughout the study. The data the physicians collect become part of the battery of information scientists use to determine whether a new treatment is safe and effective.

"When a pharmaceutical company is interested in studying a new drug, they look to universities to help conduct the research," says Day. "Physicians affiliated with universities often have experience conducting research, and they may have patients who may be interested in having access to new treatments by volunteering to participate in a study. Participating in drug research enables the University of Rochester to be involved in the development of new therapies, and it allows us to bring new and potentially better drugs to our patients."

"Denni brings the requisite expertise and energy to this initiative," says Cynthia Dunn, M.D., director of the University's Clinical Research Institute. "Her capacity to both develop and service investigator networks will greatly enhance the ability of our community providers to participate in clinical investigations."

Day is a registered nurse who holds a master's degree in public health administration from the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) School of Public Health. She has extensive experience in clinical nursing, drug research, and designing information systems for use in health care.

Day's memberships include the American Hospital Association, American Public Health Association, American Medical Records Association, the Hospital Information Management and Systems Society, and the Drug Information Association.

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