Roger B. Friedlander Named Chair-Elect of University of Rochester Medical Center Board

February 18, 1999

Brighton resident Roger B. Friedlander has been named chair-elect of the University of Rochester Medical Center Board.

The principal governing body of the Medical Center and its component parts – Strong Memorial Hospital, Children’s Hospital at Strong, the School of Medicine and Dentistry, the School of Nursing, Eastman Dental Center, and the University of Rochester Medical Faculty Group – the URMC Board establishes hospital policy and guides institutional management and planning.

Friedlander joined the URMC Board in 1997 and is currently a member of the Finance Committee, the Facilities Committee, and the Quality of Care Committee.

Friedlander, who earned an associate’s degree from Harvard School of Business, and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Rochester, is a former president of Spectrum Office Products/Staples, Inc. He is a past president of Staples Business Advantage and a former corporate consultant for Staples, Inc.

In addition, Friedlander is president/past president of American Office Products Dealers, chairman/past chairman of the Board of the American Office Products Dealers, president of Harvard OPM XII, chairman/past chair of the Board of Children’s Hospital at Strong, and chairman/past chair of the Investment Committee and Audit Committee of the National Office Products Association.

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