New Emergency Medicine Residents Get "Trial By Fire"

June 26, 1998

On Tuesday, June 30, new Emergency Medicine residents at the University of Rochester will be extricated from imaginary crash sites in the parking lot at Strong Memorial - under the careful guidance of their pre-hospital caregivers, paramedics and firefighters. They will also take a turn freeing others from the simulated crashes, trying on firefighting gear and placing victims on backboards.

The exercise, according to Melissa Brokaw, M.D., medical director of Pre-Hospital Education at the University of Rochester, is designed to sensitize physicians-in-training to the challenges of delivering first response health care in a real-life setting. As a second phase of the learning experience, residents will also shadow a paramedic or firefighter for an entire shift. "Our goal is to put these new residents into the role of the paramedic or firefighter so that they can better understand the uncontrolled conditions that exist out in the field and how much work goes into pre-hospital care," she said. "Residents also get an idea of what it is like to be a patient in this situation."

The new curriculum has been popular with both ambulance and fire corps staff as well as with residents who've participated. "The paramedics feel good that we are taking the time to learn about their profession, and the residents return with a new respect for what the field staff is up against," Brokaw said. "It improves the way that they give directions to paramedics over the radio in the future."

Greece Ridge Fire Department, Monroe Ambulance and Rural Metro are all participating in the simulated learning experience. The training runs from 10:30 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. in Strong's Emergency Department parking lot. The media is invited to attend; please call 275-3676 to confirm your attendance.

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