Strong Health Introduces Itself to the Greater Rochester Area

October 28, 1997

Strong Health --- the University of Rochester's new integrated health care delivery system composed of Strong Memorial Hospital, Children's Hospital at Strong, Highland Hospital, The Highlands at Pittsford (adult living community), and the Eastman Dental Center --- will be introduced this week to the people of Rochester and the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York. The system includes more than 1,000 physicians and more than 6,000 other health care providers and support staff affiliated with these organizations.

The introduction to the community will be made through a series of television, radio, and newspaper advertisements. Also part of the introduction is the unveiling of Strong Health's new logo.

"The name Strong has always been associated with the highest quality health care in this area, and the formation of Strong Health continues that tradition," says Jay H. Stein, M.D., senior vice president and vice provost for health affairs and the head of Strong Health.

The components of Strong Health will continue to use their own names with the Strong Health name and logo because each of these institutions enjoys an excellent reputation for its quality of clinical care and wants to retain its unique identity and patient loyalty. Strong Health is the parent organization of each institution. Other health care providers could join Strong Health in the future as the system evolves and expands.

A key phrase used in conjunction with Strong Health is "The Healing Power of Knowledge," which sets the system apart from others in this area.

"Strong Health incorporates the medical research and teaching missions of its members," says Dr. Stein. "This gives our patients access to the newest innovations and technology in medical treatment based on sound medical research, and ensures that our doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals will apply these innovations to patient care."

The name Strong Health will accomplish two things, according to Strong Health's director of marketing, Claire Heffernan. "It will create an identity for this wide-ranging health care system and its components and it will create an image in the minds of health care consumers of what we believe is the region's best health care system."

Strong Health differs from StrongCare in that StrongCare is a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) formed by the University of Rochester and Blue Cross/Blue Shield; as an HMO, StrongCare provides health insurance coverage to people who enroll in it.

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