University of Rochester Announces Leo Brideau as Full-Time Head of Health System; Medical Center Board Names Steven Goldstein to Top Administrative Post at Strong Memorial Hospital

June 24, 1997

The University of Rochester has announced that Leo Brideau will be the full-time head of the University's health system and the Medical Center Board has named Steven I. Goldstein as general director and chief executive officer of Strong Memorial Hospital effective July 1. Brideau recently had been named president and chief executive officer of the Strong Partners Health System while he was serving in the top post at Strong.

"This action will allow Mr. Brideau to focus exclusively on the goals of the health system, which he is developing with great skill and perseverance," said Jay H. Stein, senior vice president for health affairs at the University of Rochester Medical Center. The University's health system includes the former Highland Health System, Strong Memorial Hospital and the Meadows at Westfall Nursing Home, as well as other related entities.

"Mr. Goldstein is an innovative hospital administrator with boundless energy whose management skills will be a tremendous asset in navigating Strong through Rochester's changing health care environment," said Stein. "I look forward to both Leo and Steve's continuing contributions as members of the Medical Center management team."

In his new position, Goldstein will have administrative responsibility for all aspects of the 750-bed Strong Memorial Hospital. Goldstein came to Strong in September as executive director and chief operating officer.

"I am confident that this action will allow Mr. Brideau to focus his strong administrative talents on the formidable task of guiding the development of the health system," said Ronald Knight, chairman of the Medical Center Board. "Steve commands a great amount of respect from members of the Board, his colleagues at the Medical Center and from the employees at Strong."

"Steve and I have been friends and colleagues for years," said Brideau, who has been an administrator at Strong for 17 years, the past 14 as chief operating officer and chief executive officer. "I look forward to continuing to work with him as we build the future of our health care system."

Goldstein came to Strong last September from Rochester General Hospital, where he was president and chief executive officer. He also had been senior vice president of the Greater Rochester Health System Inc.

Before that, he held administrative positions at The Children's Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio and at the University of Nebraska Hospitals and Clinics and the Nebraska Psychiatric Institute.

Goldstein is a 1969 graduate of Utica College of Syracuse University. He received a master's degree in hospital and health administration from the St. Louis University Graduate School of Health and Hospital Administration.

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