Members of Strong Memorial Hospital's Social Work Division Honored

April 24, 1997

Four social workers and a team of outreach coordinators at Strong Memorial Hospital recently received Excellence Awards from SMH's Division of Social Work. The awards were presented during the hospital's Eighth Annual Social Work Reception on March 26.

The recipients, their hospital units, and their specific awards were:

Kevin Coffey, Psychiatry, Award of Excellence in Supervision;

Kelly Luther, Medicine, Award of Excellence in Leadership;

Meredith Ruder, Intensive Care Units, Award of Excellence in Clinical Practice;

John Trompeter, Strong Ties, Award of Excellence in Program Innovation.

In addition, Marcia Bender, R.N., Chrissie Copoulos, R.N., Bev Eisenbraun, R.N., Karin Engkvist, R.N., Karen Hansford, R.N., Joanne Lembach, R.N., Sandra Leve, R.N., Bonnie Malady, R.N., and Anita O'Brien, R.N., -- all members of Strong's Community Health Nursing Prgram -- received the Award of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Collaboration.

"The recipients were selected from nominations by their peers based on outstanding contributions to the profession, the institution, and the patients and families served by social work," said Susan Saunders, C.S.W., A.C.S.W., director of SMH's Social Work Division. "Each recipient is an excellent representative of the professionalism, talent, and compassion found among staff members of the Social Work Division."

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