Dr. M. Duncan Stanton Receives National Honor for Family Therapy

January 07, 2007

M. Duncan Stanton, Ph.D., professor of psychiatry at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, is the 1997 recipient of the American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA) Award for Outstanding Contributions to Family Therapy Research. The award recognizes Dr. Stanton's "outstanding body of work and its impact on the family therapy field." He'll receive the award at the AFTA annual meeting in June.

An international authority on family and marriage therapy, Dr. Stanton joined the Rochester faculty in 1983 as professor of psychiatry (psychology) and director of the Division of Family Programs. The program has trained more than 500 therapists and physicians in the techniques of family and marital therapy. Currently, Dr. Stanton serves as director of research in the Division and is the principal investigator of a federal grant.

One of Dr. Stanton's professional and research interests is substance abuse. His work in this area dates back to the mid-1960s when, as an Army psychologist, he was involved in treating alcohol problems and drug abuse. His research on drug abuse among soldiers in Vietnam received considerable attention in the U.S. Senate and in the national news media. He has performed family treatment with drug abusers since 1971 and undertaken research on the family therapy factors, family structure, and family interactions of chemically-dependent families since 1972.

Dr. Stanton is the author or co-author of more than 110 professional and scientific publications; he has given more than 200 workshops and presentations in 25 countries and has served as a Fulbright Professor in Argentina. Among his publications, Dr. Stanton is a co-author of The Family Therapy of Drug Abuse and Addiction (Guilford Press).

Prior to joining the Rochester faculty, Dr. Stanton was on the staff of the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic from 1974 through 1983, serving as director of its Addicts and Family Program. During this time, Dr. Stanton was on the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Dr. Stanton was born and spent his early years in Lockport, New York and his teenage years in Schenectady, New York. He earned his undergraduate degree in psychology at Alfred University. He earned a master's degree in psychology at the George Washington University and a doctoral degree at the University of Maryland.

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