Caton Receives State Dental Association Award

July 06, 2006

Jack G. Caton Jr., DDS, MS, professor in the Department of Dentistry and chair of the Division of Periodontology, is the recipient of the New York State Dental Association Jarvie-Burkhart Award. It is the highest honor presented by the organization and recognizes outstanding service to mankind through dentistry.

Nominated by a committee of his peers, Caton received the award at the NYSDA Board of Governors meeting held on June 10 at the Otesaga Hotel in Cooperstown.

Caton is an international leader in periodontal education and research. His research and writing in the areas of periodontal wound healing, periodontal diagnosis, and chemotherapeutics for periodontal disease management are cited worldwide and are recognized as having contributed significantly to the development of periodontal therapy.

Currently, Caton is an associate editor of the Journal of Periodontology. He is a diplomat of the American Board of Periodontology and served as a director of the board from 1988-1994 and as chair in 1993-94. He was president of the American Academy of Periodontology in 1999-2000. Caton represents periodontology on the Commission of Dental Accreditation, which operates under the auspices of the American Dental Association as the accrediting agency for dental and dental-related education programs.

Caton, whose private practice in Rochester is limited to periodontology, has been on the faculty of the Department of Dentistry since 1973. He has served as chair of the Division of Periodontology and program director since 1990; a program he was instrumental in establishing. He has mentored dozens of students, many of whom now have distinguished careers of their own.

He has published more than 85 scientific articles and book chapters. In congratulating Caton regarding the award, Cyril Meyerowitz, DDS, MS, professor of the Department of Dentistry and director of Eastman Dental Center said, “We are extremely fortunate to have Jack Caton leading our periodontology program because of his global knowledge and reputation in the field. He has been on the faculty of the program since 1973. During that time, he and his graduate students have conducted numerous research projects in periodontal wound healing, animal models, diagnosis, and human clinical trials.”

Caton is a member of the Board of the American Academy of Periodontology Foundation, which supports and promotes activities of the American Academy of Periodontology and the American Board of Periodontology. He has received numerous awards as testimony to his achievements in advancing research and therapeutics in periodontology, including the gold medal award from the American Academy of Periodontology.

Caton is a graduate of the University of California School of Dentistry and the University of Rochester. He received his certificate in periodontology in 1973 and an MS/DNS degree in the same year. The Jarvie Burkhart Award is named after former NYSDA leaders and dental pioneers, William Jarvie and Harvey Burkhart, who established the award in 1905. The New York State Dental Association is a constituent of the American Dental Association and represents more than 13,000 dentists practicing in New York state.

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