Nine Managers to Receive New Titles in Health Sciences Division & Strong Memorial Hospital

July 02, 2007

Six managers in the University of Rochester Medical Center’s Health Sciences Division have been named associate vice presidents, effective July 1, 2007. The new titles more appropriately reflect both their expertise and responsibilities in the organization, while creating parity with counterparts within the University, the community, and national peers. 

  • Christine Burke, general counsel to the Medical Center, will also carry the title of associate vice president for the Medical Center Office of Counsel; Christine has been in the Medical Center Counsel’s office since l990 providing legal advice on business transactions, health care issues, faculty employment matters, and regulatory compliance to Medical Center leadership, faculty, and administrators.
  • Teri D’Agostino has been named associate vice president for Public Relations and Communications; she has been with the University of Rochester Medical Center since 1998, overseeing corporate communications, media relations and internal communications.
  • Marjorie Hunter will serve as associate vice president for Technology Transfer; Marjorie joined the Medical Center in 2001 and has built a department that handles all invention disclosures, patent applications, licensing agreements and assists in faculty start-ups. 
  • Mary Ockenden is associate vice president of Space Planning; Mary has been with the Medical Center for 20 years and manages a portfolio of services that includes facilities master planning, space management, real estate services, and capital project planning.
  • Betty Oppenheimer serves as associate vice president of Planning; Betty has been with the Medical Center since 1985 playing a major role in the development of most major initiatives.  She is responsible for institution-wide and departmental strategic planning and implementation, Certificate of Need applications, and ongoing environmental assessments. 
  • Jerry Powell, Medical Center Chief Information Officer, will also carry the title of Associate Vice President for Information Systems.  In his 30-year tenure with the University, Jerry has held several information technology and management positions; he currently leads the development and implementation of URMC’s information technology program. 

The Health Sciences Division has also established a position of Associate Vice President of Marketing, a position which is currently occupied on an interim basis by Karl Withers. 

 “Together, this team of managers has decades of collective experience with the University of Rochester Medical Center,” said Peter G. Robinson, URMC chief operating officer. “The new titles more aptly convey the numerous contributions each makes to the success of this institution.” 

In addition, the following Strong Memorial Hospital leaders will each carry the additional title of associate vice president of the University of Rochester Medical Center. This title reflects the contributions each makes to the overall Medical Center operation.

  • Kathy Parrinello, chief operating officer, Strong Memorial Hospital, has been with the Medical Center since 1975 in a variety of nursing and administrative positions, and has headed Strong’s operations since 1996.  Her undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees were all earned from the University of Rochester.
  • Len Shute, chief financial officer, Strong Memorial Hospital and Highland Hospital, oversees all financial matters relating to the hospitals and affiliates. 
  • Patricia Witzel, chief nursing officer, Strong Memorial Hospital, joined the hospital in 1975 and now oversees a department of 3,500 nurses, patient care technicians, and unit secretaries. 
  • Robert J. Panzer, M.D., chief quality officer at Strong Memorial Hospital, has been named associate vice president for Patient Care Quality and Safety.  Panzer came to the Medical Center in 1977 as an internal medicine resident, and joined the faculty upon completion of his fellowship in General Internal Medicine.  For more than two decades, Panzer has led Strong Memorial’s quality assurance, clinical practice evaluation, quality and safety improvement initiatives. 


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