Strong Health’s Sleep Center Receives National Accreditation for Excellence

July 08, 2003

Strong Health’s Sleep Disorders Center recently received program accreditation from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) for meeting rigorous standards in all areas of operation, including patient services and employee qualifications.

"We are thrilled to receive accreditation," said Donald Greenblatt, M.D. director of Strong Health’s Sleep Disorders Center. "This is a stamp of approval from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to validate what we already knew --- our sleep center provides the best, most experienced and most comprehensive care in upstate New York."

According to Greenblatt, who has been studying sleep disorders for more than 20 years, about half of the Rochester community experiences sleep disorders at some point in their life. Nationally, research says 100 million Americans fail to get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis.

In Rochester, the common complaints of patients include insomnia, hypersomnia_(being too tired during the day), parasomnia_(disorders which include talking or walking in sleep), and sleep-wake disturbances_(interruptions in the regular sleep cycle).

To receive accreditation for its treatment of these and other disorders, the Sleep Disorders Center at Strong underwent rigorous inspection processes. After the center completed and submitted a comprehensive application, investigators from AASM spent two days and nights in the facility analyzing every detail of the center’s procedures, staff, and patient services.

Accreditation from AASM ensures patients a standard of high-quality care. The AASM also noted the center’s academic and scientific value. The Sleep Disorders Center at Strong is actively involved in community teaching, and its professionals regularly speak at health symposiums.

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