Organ Donation, Transplantation Topics of Medical Readers' Theatre Group Production

December 05, 2003

WHAT: “Follow Your Heart,” a play about organ donation and transplantation, performed by faculty, staff and students

WHEN: Noon on Wednesday, Dec. 10

WHERE:  University of Rochester Medical Center, 601 Elmwood Ave.

A play performed by University of Rochester Medical Center faculty, students and staff will consider organ donation and transplantation from the perspective of a heart recipient and the wife of the organ donor.

“Follow Your Heart,” adapted from an essay written by Yale Medical School surgeon Richard Seltzer, shares the story of a widow who agrees to donate her husband’s organs, then sets out to make contact with the recipient of his heart. The 20-minute production will be followed by lively discussion between the players and the audience, made up of medical center students, faculty and staff.

Performed by members of the Medical Readers’ Theatre group, the production uses no props or costumes, or memorization of parts. Instead, the play relies on the power of the story as conveyed  by the voices of the performers, much like a radio play. The event is part of the medical center’s monthly Interdisciplinary Clinical Ethics Rounds.

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