HIV Vaccine Awareness Day Will Honor Local Volunteers

May 17, 2002

The fifth annual HIV Vaccine Awareness Day on May 18 will recognize more than 630 local volunteers from the Rochester community who have participated in HIV vaccine research trials at the University of Rochester Medical Center in an effort to find a vaccine that may one day prevent HIV infection and AIDS.

 HIV Vaccine Awareness Day is a national event that increases awareness about the need for a safe and effective vaccine and for increased participation in clinical trials. The day honors those who have been pioneers in this effort.

Local HIV vaccine trials have been conducted since 1988 at the University of Rochester Medical Center by the HIV Vaccine Trials Unit, led by principal investigator Michael C. Keefer, M.D. The National Institutes of Health and the Division of AIDS, as well as pharmaceutical companies, sponsor these trials. The University of Rochester Medical Center site is one of 22 domestic and international units in the HIV Vaccine Trials Network.

Vaccine volunteers must be HIV negative, in good health, 18-60 years of age, and not pregnant. Because vaccines are created from man-made synthetic proteins, volunteers are not at risk of contracting the virus from the vaccine. For more information about becoming an HIV vaccine volunteer, please contact the University of Rochester Medical Center HIV Vaccine Trials Unit at (585) 273-2437 or visit

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