New walkway will connect Eastman Dental Center to the Medical Center Garage

August 15, 2005

Construction is under way on a walkway that will make it easier for the handicapped and for parents with strollers to go from the Medical Center Garage to Eastman Dental Center (EDC). The walkway will provide enhanced access to the second floor in the garage so there will no longer be the problem of stairs for patients entering EDC.

John A. Borrelli, director of Dentistry’s finance and operations, said, “We’ve been concerned in the past about the ease in which our patients have traveled from the garage to the Center. This new walkway will eliminate the stairs for our patients and help save them time and effort.” The bridge is expected to be completed in the fall and will include a snow-melt system to reduce snow and ice during the winter. The bridge construction is funded in part by a gift from LeChase Construction.

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