The University of Rochester Medical Center is accustomed to leading change. Our highly selective schools are known for transformative curricular innovations, our research programs have given rise to game-changing therapies, and our hospitals are made highly successful by teams of professionals striving to become ever better. As a nation, we need health care that simply works better – for patients and families, and for all of us who work each day to make our community healthier. In response, URMC is building health care that's easier to access, affordable, that delivers better results. We're focusing our research to pour fresh, workable solutions into everyday interactions with patients. We'll lead the education of life-long learners ready to practice tomorrow's health care. Together, it's our quest to reinvent academic medicine.

i-QUEST at a Glance: Frequent Questions

A one-page overview of the strategic plan.

Reinventing Our Future: An Overview

A deeper look at the strategic plan and the rationale behind it.

i-QUEST Initiatives

A summary of the six initiatives that are the foundation of the strategic plan.