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2011 Oct 7
Aggerwal S, Dewhurst S, Takimoto T, Kim B.
Biochemical impact of the host adaptation associated PB2 E627K mutation on the temperature-dependent RNA synthesis kinetics of influenza A virus polymerase complex.
J Biol Chem. 286(40):34504-13

2011 Oct 5
Alam S, Sant AJ.
Infection with seasonal influenza virus elicits CD4 T cells specific for genetically conserved epitopes that can be rapidly mobilized for protective immunity to pandemic H1N1 influenza virus.
J Virol. 85(24):13310-21

2011 Sep 28
Santiago FW, Fitzgerald T, Treanor JJ, Topham DJ.
Vaccination with drifted variants of avian H5 hemagglutinin protein elicits a broadened antibody response that is protective against challenge with homologous or drifted live H5 influenza virus.
Vaccine. 29(48):8888-97

2011 Jun 29
Bradel-Tretheway BG, Mattiacio JL, Krasnoselsky A, Stevenson C, Dewhurst S, Katze MG.
Comprehensive Proteomic Analysis of Influenza Virus Polymerase Complex Reveals a Novel Association with Mitochondrial Proteins and RNA Polymerase Accessory Factors.
J Virol. 85(17)8569-81

2011 May 27
Chapman TJ, Lambert K, Topham DJ.
Rapid Reactivation of Extralymphoid CD4 T cells During Secondary Infection.
PLoS One. 6(5):e20493

2011 May 11
Bussey KA, Desmet EA, Mattiacio JL, Hamilton A, Bradel-Tretheway B, Bussey HE, Kim B, Dewhurst S, Takimoto T.
PA residues in the 2009 H1N1 pandemic influenza virus enhance avian virus polymerase activity in mammalian cells.
J Virol. 85(14):7020-8

2011 May 9
Noble E, Mathews DH, Chen JL, Turner DH, Takimoto T, Kim B.
Biophysical analysis of influenza A virus RNA promoter at physiological temperatures.
J Biol Chem. 286(26):22965-70

2011 Mar 29
Richards KA, Chaves FA, Sant AJ.
The memory phase of the CD4 T-cell response to influenza virus infection maintains its diverse antigen specificity.

2011 Mar
Nayak JL, Sant AJ.
T cell Immunology for the clinician.
Pediatric Infectious Diseases. 30:248-50

2011 Jan 4
Scheible K, Zhang G, Baer J, Azadniv M, Lambert K, Pryhuber G, Treanor JJ, Topham DJ.
CD8+ T cell immunity to 2009 pandemic and seasonal H1N1 influenza viruses.
Vaccine. 29(11):2159-68