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2012 Nov 27
Bialas KM, Desmet EA, Takimoto T.
Specific Residues in the 2009 H1N1 Swine-Origin Influenza Matrix Protein Influence Virion Morphology and Efficiency of Viral Spread in vitro.
PLoS One. 7(11):e50595

2012 Nov 12
Nayak JL, Fitzgerald TF, Richards KA, Yang H, Treanor JJ, Sant AJ.
CD4 T-cell expansion predicts neutralizing antibody responses to monovalent inactivated pandemic H1N1 influenza vaccine.
J Infect Dis. 207(2):297-305

2012 Oct 22
Richards KA, Chaves FA, Alam S, Sant AJ.
Trivalent inactivated influenza vaccines induce broad immunological reactivity to both internal virion components and influenza surface proteins.
Vaccine. 31(1):218-25

2012 Oct 15
Leddon SA, Sant AJ.
The Peptide specificity of the endogenous T follicular helper cell repertoire generated after protein immunization.
PLoS One. 7(10):46952

2012 Oct 7
Hamilton BS, Sun X, Chung C, Whittaker GR.
Acquisition of a novel eleven amino acid insertion directly N-terminal to a tetrabasic cleavage site confers intracellular cleavage of an H7N7 influenza virus hemagglutinin.
Virology. pii: S0042-6822(12)--445-X

2012 Oct 3
Perez JT, Zlatev I, Aggarwal S, Subramanian S, Sachidanandam R, Kim B, Manoharan M, Tenoever BR.
A Small RNA Enhancer of Viral Polymerase Activity.
J Virol. 86(24):13475-85

2012 Oct 1
Costello DA, Lee DW, Drewes J, Vasquez KA, Kisler K, Wiesner U, Pollack L, Whittaker GR, Daniel S.
Influenza virus-membrane fusion triggered by proton uncaging for single particle studies of fusion kinetics.
Anal Chem. 84(20):8480-9

2012 Aug
Nayak JL, Sant AJ.
Loss in CD4 T-cell responses to multiple epitopes in influenza due to expression of one additional MHC class II molecule in the host.
Immunology. 136(4):425-36

2012 Jul 30
Sant AJ, McMichael A.
Revealing the role of CD4(+) T cells in viral immunity.
J Exp Med. 209(8):1391-5

2012 Jul 28
Noble E, Cox A, Deval J, Kim B.
Endonuclease substrate selectivity characterized with full-length PA of influenza A virus polymerase.
Virology. 433(1):27-34

2012 Jul 24
Hamilton BS, Whittaker GR, Daniel S.
Influenza virus-mediated membrane fusion: determinants of hemagglutinin fusogenic activity and experimental approaches for assessing virus fusion.
Viruses. 4(7):1144-68

2012 Jul 18
Hamilton BS, Gludish DW, Whittaker GR.
Cleavage Activation of the Human-Adapted Influenza Virus Subtypes by Matriptase Reveals both Subtype and Strain Specificities.
J Virol. 86(19):10579-86

2012 May 15
Santiago FW, Lambert Emo K, Fitzgerald T, Treanor JJ, Topham DJ.
Antigenic and immunogenic properties of recombinant hemagglutinin proteins from H1N1 A/Brisbane/59/07 and B/Florida/04/06 when produced in various protein expression systems.
Vaccine. 30(31):4606-16

2012 May 1
Chaves FA, Lee AH, Nayak JL, Richards KA, Sant AJ.
The utility and limitations of current Web-available algorithms to predict peptides recognized by CD4 T cells in response to pathogen infection.
J Immunol. 188(9):4235-48

2012 Apr 30
Li X, Miao H, Henn A, Topham DJ, Wu H, Zand MS, Mosmann TR.
Ki-67 expression reveals strong, transient influenza specific CD4 T cell responses after adult vaccination.
Vaccine. 30(31):4581-4

2012 Apr 25
MacDonald LA, Aggarwal S, Bussey KA, Desmet EA, Kim B, Takimoto T.
Molecular interactions and trafficking of influenza A virus polymerase proteins analyzed by specific monoclonal antibodies.
Virology. 426(1):51-9

2012 Mar 23
Sundararajan A, Huan L, Richards KA, Marcelin G, Alam S, Joo H, Yang H, Webby RJ, Topham DJ, Sant AJ.
Host difference in influenza-specific CD4 T cell and B cell responses are modulated by viral strain and route of immunization.
PLoS One. 7(3):e34377

2012 Mar 7
Noronha JM, Liu M, Squires RB, Pickett BE, Hale BG, Air GM, Galloway SE, Takimoto T, Schmolke M, Hunt V, Klem E, García-Sastre A, McGee M, Scheuermann RH.
Influenza virus sequence feature variant type analysis: evidence of a role for NS1 in influenza virus host range restriction.
J Virol. 86(10):5857-66