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2009 Publications

2009 Dec
Nayak J, Treanor J.
Antiviral treatment and prophylaxis of influenza virus in children.
Pediatric Annals. 38(12):667-74

2009 Nov 21
Baer J, Santiago F, Yang H, Wu H, Holden-Wiltse J, Treanor J, Topham DJ.
B cell responses to H5 influenza HA in human subjects vaccinated with a drifted variant.
Vaccine. 28(4):907-15

2009 May 7
Weaver JM, Chaves FA, Sant AJ.
Abortive activation of CD4 T cell responses during competitive priming in vivo.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 106(21):8647-52

2009 Apr 22
Richards KA, Chaves FA, Sant AJ.
Infection of HLA-DR1 transgenic mice with a human isolate of influenza a virus (H1N1) primes a diverse CD4 T-cell repertoire that includes CD4 T cells with heterosubtypic cross-reactivity to avian (H5N1) influenza virus.
J Virol. 83(13):6566-77

2009 Feb 7
Weaver J, Sant AJ.
Understanding the focused CD4 T cell response to antigen and pathogenic organisms.
Immunol Res. 45:123-43

2008 Publications

2008 Dec
Bradel-Tretheway BG, Kelley Z, Chakraborty-Sett S, Takimoto T, Kim B, Dewhurst S.
The human H5N1 influenza A virus polymerase complex is active in vitro over a broad range of temperatures, in contrast to the WSN complex, and this property can be attributed to the PB2 subunit.
J Gen Virol. 89(Pt 12):2923-32

2008 Sep 1
Weaver JM, Lazarski CA, Richards KA, Chaves FA, Jenks SA, Menges PR, Sant AJ.
Immunodominance of CD4 T cells to foreign antigens is peptide intrinsic and independent of molecular context: implications for vaccine design.
J Immunol. 181(5):3039-48