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The newborn videos focus on assessments and procedures encountered in the newborn period

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Video: The Importance of Vaccinations
Item #: 1217
This video discusses the importance of vaccinations, with a specific focus on their impact on whooping cough. Runtime: 5 min 4 sec
Video: The Newborn Circumcision--Gomco Technique
Item #: 1215
Dr. Eva Pressman performs a newborn circumcision using the Gomco Technique. Runtime: 4 min 6 sec
Video: The Newborn Circumcision--PlastiBell Technique
Item #: 0822
Dr. David Gandell performs a newborn circumcision using the PlastiBell technique. Runtime: 5 min 40 sec
Video: A Neonatologist's View of the NICU
Item #: 1127
A neonatologist describes the challenges of caring for premature infants. Runtime: 8 min 45 sec
Video: Examining the Placenta at Delivery
Item #: 1001
A review of the characteristics to check for when examining the placenta at delivery. Runtime: 3 min 47 sec
Video: The Perinatal Palliative Care Team
Item #: 1304
Dr. Erin Denney-Koelsch explains what palliative care is and how it is carried out in newborn care. Run time: 10 min 4 sec
Video: Examining the Opiate-Exposed Newborn
Item #: 1115
This video demonstrtes how to examine a newborn that has been exposed to opiates. Runtime: 7 min 4 sec
Video: One Family's Journey in the NICU
Item #: 1201
A couple describes their experience in the NICU as the NICU staff cares for their premature son. Runtime: 5 min 56 sec
Video: Transitioning from Fetus to Newborn
Item #: 1311
This video discusses how the fetal circulation transitions to the newborn circulation after birth. Runtime: 2 min 42 sec
Normal Newborn Neurologic Examination
Item #: 1401
Dr. Gary Myers demonstrates a normal newborn neurologic examination. Runtime: 7 min 6 sec