Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Resident Research in Ob/Gyn

In developing research projects, residents are not left to fend for themselves. All research projects are under the guidance of at least one faculty member. Numerous ideas and concepts are always available, and there are abundant local resources to support residents' investigations. Click here to go to the Resident Research Overview site.

Resident Research Day

Resident Research Day was held this year on April 25. Seven R3s and one R2 presented their research. The day kicked-off with a Grand Rounds by Dr. Richard S. Legro, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Public Health Sciences from The Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, Hershey Medical Center.  He spoke about the challenge of getting, and interpreting, good quality data and of reproducing those findings, as well as the lack of publication of negative trials in interpretation of literature, in a lecture titled: “First Line Treatment in PCOS: What have we learned from Clinical Trials.”
The residents this year put together a great group of research projects, from a wide variety of areas of interest. They all did a wonderful job, and award winners will be announced at the banquet.  
Topics this year included:  

  • Do increased peripheral markers of inflammation predate the occurrence of a short cervical length?
    Dr. Olson-Chen with Dr. Hackney
  • Early pregnancy iron status and development of preeclampsia
    Dr. Campito with Dr. Ho.
  • Cervical length in women with a prior preterm birth: Does progesterone change the incidence of short cervix? 
    Dr. Klosterman with Dr. Seligman
  • Prenatal stomach size in cleft lip and/or palate and subsequent reflux disease
    Dr. Burhans with Dr. Thornburg
  • Time of Delivery of the Anomalous Fetus - Effects on Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes
    Dr. Paivanas with Dr. Thornburg and Dr. Glantz
  • Does anogenital distance, a marker of prenatal androgen exposure, differ in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)?
    Dr. Fountaine with Dr. Barrett and Dr. Hoeger
  • Timing of Delivery and Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes
    Dr. MacDonald with Dr. Glantz and Dr. Thornburg
  • Impact of Delivery Mode on the Pelvic Floor using Transperineal Imaging
    Dr. Vilasagar with Dr. Ozcan

Next year’s research day will be on May 8th, 2014. Residents have been hard at work with a number of great projects underway!  Some have already been presented nationally, including one presented as an oral at this year’s ACOG meeting. Our guest speaker will be Dr. Jeffery Peipert, whose work on the cost effectiveness of IUDs in preventing unintended pregnancy in women and teens The CHOICE Project was recently featured in both the NEJM and Obstetrics and Gynecology. Please mark your calendars and block your schedule for what is sure to be a great talk, and great day of resident projects!