Specialty Programs

We offer the following programs through our Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation program. For more information please call 585-341-9050.

Injured Worker Program

Following a work or auto related injury, Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation therapists establish a program that will return workers to the same or similar job with or without accommodations. Following the initial injury management program, we guide our patients while they initiate a Work Hardening/Work Conditioning Program to maximize their ability to return to work. We perform Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) to measure our patients’ ability to return to an 8-hour workday.

Program for Office Workers

Whether as a result of an on-the-job or out-of-the office injury, hand and arm problems can affect your livelihood as well as your life. In Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation, we perform ergonomic evaluations of workstations and provide advice on accommodations as necessary. At times, this evaluation is done at remote job sites where we also educate managers and employees regarding proper body mechanics to prevent further injury.

Program for Sign Language Interpreters

Sign language interpreters can be exposed to biomechanical stressors that include force, repetition, awkward postures, as well as inadequate recovery or rest. Our Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation specialists work with various agencies that employ sign language interpreters to collaborate in reducing these risk factors. We incorporate exercises in a treatment program to improve posture, and increase flexibility.

Program for Myofascial Pain

Myofascial pain can affect any skeletal muscle in the body. It can cause local or referred pain, tightness, tenderness, popping and clicking, stiffness, limitation of movement, twitching, and muscle weakness. Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation therapist are members of a team treating this condition. Several treatments offered by our Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation therapists can be helpful in decreasing pain. These include phonophoresis, stretching, electrical stimulation, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), myofascial release, and stretch and spray techniques.

Program for Musicians

Both professional and recreational musicians may experience hand and arm problems due to improper body mechanics, excessive playing time, overt competition or inadequate physical conditioning. And, of course, an accident or a degenerative condition unrelated to the playing can affect musicians.

In Hand and Upper Extremity Rehabilitation, we begin with an ergonomic evaluation while our patients play their instrument. We help them make appropriate adaptations at that time. In very special occasions, we will discuss instrument modifications. Depending on the results of the evaluation, specific exercise routines can be taught with the goal of improved posture, increased flexibility, or increased strength.

Hand Fellowship Program

For information on the hand therapy fellowship program click here.