Rehabilitation Information

An important component of recovery from injury is rehabilitation. At University Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, our state-of-the-art Sports and Spine Rehabilitation centers are staffed by physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, and strength and conditioning specialists, several of whom are board-certified in sports rehab and are strength and conditioning specialists with specific training in Sports Rehabilitation.

Our full-service facilities in Brighton, Greece and Penfield feature an indoor track, weight machines, free weights and a special area to work on golf, baseball, tennis and basketball. Our facility in Penfield offers aquatic therapy, an alternative form of therapy that can be used in conjunction with, or prior to, more traditional land-based outpatient therapies.

We Offer

  • Sports Performance Enhancement / Strength and Conditioning Program
  • Non-surgical rehabilitation
  • Pre-surgery strengthening
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Post Rehabilitation Conditioning Program
  • Aquatic Therapy - Penfield location only

Your Post-surgery Hospital Stay

If you require a hospital stay after surgery a physical therapist will help you do bedside rehabilitation activities. He or she will help with your overall plan for discharge including a referral for outpatient physical therapy if it is needed.

Your Sports and Spine Rehabilitation Assessment

During your first visit your clinician will perform a thorough examination including an evaluation of your strength, function, range of motion and level of pain.

Your therapist will work with you to create an individualized “return-to-play” plan, incorporating sports-specific movements. He or she will use your biomechanical assessment to target the source of your problem instead of the symptoms, which helps minimize your risk for re-injury. We track your progress and measure your performance providing feedback on your improvement over time.

Your At-Home Plan

One of the most valuable things we do is teach our patients how to enhance their rehabilitation at home or school, thereby minimizing the number of visits while still ensuring a safe and quick return to activity. Your therapist will discuss exercises to try and activities to avoid. Exercises should be done only at the direction of your physical therapist. Your therapist will also recommend assistive devices and show you how to use them.

When You’re Back in the Game

Once formal rehab is no longer required, many athletes prefer to continue with a supervised training program. Our staff can help develop specific training programs based on individual goals that serve as a progressive extension of the rehab exercise plan.

Rehabilitation Instructions

Injury Prevention Programs

We offer structured programs based on scientific evidence to help develop flexibility, strength, balance and agility. Learn more.

Sports Performance Enhancement and Strength and Conditioning Programs

We can assist any athlete in identifying potential weaknesses and enhancing athletic performance. Learn more.

Post Rehabilitation Conditioning Programs

Once formal physical therapy is no longer required, many athletes prefer to continue with a supervised training program. Learn more.

Active Spine Program

Through a progressive exercise program we will teach you safe ways to strengthen the muscles around your spine, improve your aerobic capacity for long term weight management and cardiovascular health, and discuss proper body mechanics and ergonomics so you are not stressing your spine during your everyday posturing and positioning. Learn more.

Aquatic Therapy Program

For generations, aquatic therapy has been know to improve movement, strength and function, as well as reduce pain. It offers an alternative form of rehabilitation that can be used in conjunction with, or prior to, more traditional land-based outpatient therapies. Learn more.

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URMC Sports Concussion Program

Providing evaluation and treatment for sports-related head injuries.

Click here to learn more.

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