Department of Pediatrics - Neonatology Research

Neonatology Research

The Division of Neonatology has very active clinical and laboratory research programs. With more than $7 million /year and 20 NIH grants, our research integrates innovative molecular, cellular and genetic studies with clinical and translational sciences to understand and treat diseases of newborns. Our clinical research is facilitated by research infrastructure, including project coordinators and research nurses. We have extensive clinical and perinatal databases that contain over 25,000 patients. A General Clinical Research Center and an NIH-funded Clinical and Translational Research Institute support clinical research and research training. Our basic research is housed in a 7000 square foot research wing that is in close proximity to basic researchers in many other disciplines. A new translational research lab facilitates translation of basic science research to the clinical environment.

More detailed descriptions are available in Neonatology Research Faculty.

Research Project Areas

Lung Health & Disease

  • Mechanisms of gene transfer and gene therapy
  • Biomarkers of lung injury
  • Dynamic extracellular matrix signaling in lung injury
  • Toxic environmental exposures and lung development and injury
  • Endothelial cell signaling in lung injury
  • Cytoskeletal dynamics in lung vascular inflammation and injury
  • Pulmonary biomechanics, including surfactant biophysics
  • School age pulmonary outcome of neonatal exposure to oxygen
  • Biomarkers to predict BPD outcome
  • Neonatal lung autopsy biorepository
  • Prematurity & Respiratory Outcomes Program (PROP)

Developmental Biology

Clinical Trials, Health Services & Prevention

Autism & Developmental Disabilities

  • Autism in formerly premature infants
  • Nutritional and toxic influences on neonatal outcome

Infectious Diseases & Immunology

  • Effects of hyperoxia on susceptibility to lung viral infections
  • Vaccine immunology and viral respiratory infection in premature infants
  • Developmental immunology
  • Viral infections in patients with BPD


  • Inositol to prevent ROP
  • Treatment of neonatal seizures
  • Bilirubin encephalopathy
  • Neurodevelopmental follow-up of high risk newborns

Nutrition & Metabolism

  • Vitamin D and bone mineralization