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Current CARE Projects

Improv Comedy

Jessica MacCormac, DO
Dr. MacCormac piloted improv workshops with youth at the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester to improve teen mental health by improving confidence and skills in public speaking, creativity, etc.

Megan and Catherine

Megan Callanan, MD and Catherine Agricola, MD
Dr. Callanan started a website called "" This website is a child-focused Rochester, NY area resource that highlights good works occuring throughout the community. As of July 2013, Dr. Agricola has joined Dr. Callanan on this project. Their partner is 211/LIFE LINE. Watch a video about this project.

Summer Slide Presentation Summer Slide

Erin Kelly, MD
In collaboration with Dr. Carol St. George at the Warner School of Education, Dr. Kelly is conducting an intervention, modeled after a successful study, providing elementary school students at Rochester School #36 with individual collections of self-selected new books at the start of the summer to promote summer reading. Using assessments currently conducted on students’ reading proficiency, she evaluated this intervention. Her pilot was successful and she hopes it will be the basis for a larger initiative.

Junk Food Advertising

Glenn Buchberger, MD
Dr. Buchberger will collaborate with Culver Medical Group to promote the drinking of water instead of the drinking of soda by patients and physicians.

Teen Empowerment Teen Empowerment

Teja Dyamenhalli, MD, MPH
Dr. Dyamenhalli worked with Teen Empowerment to inspire young people, and the adults who work with them, to think deeply about the most difficult social problems in their communities. She created “digital diaries” with the teens. These were exhibited at ROCO 6x6 and at the Joy Gallery.  Some are now on display at the Hoekelman Center.

Carol Fries, MD & Karla Haag, MDLiteracy and the Library

Carol Fries, MD & Karla Haag, MD
Their project aims to introduce the public library as a self-sustainable literacy-promoting resource in an effort to improve literacy outcomes among inner city children.

Diana Miller, M.D.Telemedicine for Teens with Type I Diabetes

Diana Miller, MD
Dr. Miller is interested in helping Rochester youth struggling with IDDM to achieve optimal control of blood sugar. She is collaborating with RCSD school based health centers and the UR Pediatric Diabetes Clinic.

Water for Tots

Candice Tannis, MD
Dr. Tannis seeks policy/practice change to decrease sugary beverage consumption in day-cares.

Developmental Screening

Christina Wu, MD, MPH
Dr. Wu wants to improve early detection of developmental problems especially in immigrants and refugees.

Effectiveness Consulting for Projects

John Wax, MD
Dr. Wax would like to share his passion for evidence-based practice with students and other planning community projects.


Anna Bottar, MD, Margaret Hart, MD and Roxana Pourdeyhimi, MD
Drs. Bottar, Hart and Pourdeyhimi want to improve physical activity opportunities for inner city girls.

LARC (Long-Acting Reversible Contraception) Training

Emily Nebzydoski, MD
Dr. Nebzydoski wants to help prevent teen pregnancy by training pediatrics residents in LARC insertion.


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Dr. Katherine Greenberg discusses new birth control recommendations by the AAP on WXXI. She is helping to lead the Hoekelman Center's "Preventing Teen Pregnancy with LARC" initiative.

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