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"Because sometimes our patients have a lot more going on than we can see."

~Samantha BurnhamPediatric Nurse Practitioner Student

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PLC will have trained 611 first-year residents from pediatrics, medicine-pediatrics, and family medicine, as well as pediatric nurse practitioners and medical students by the end of 2013-2014 academic year.

During this two-week rotation, residents and students learn first-hand about critical factors affecting child health, while interacting with medical and non-medical providers at over 70 community-based organizations.


Emily NNow I know that it is truly hard to put into words how this rotation made me feel. Visiting places like school #5 made me feel hopeful. There I got to see friendly, beautifully wonderful children in their element of learning and using their imaginations. I think my favorite part of the rotation was just being able to interact with people who utilize these resources.  At Bethany house I met a wonderful woman who was there to pick up food for herself and her seven grandchildren that live with her. Two of her grand-daughters were with her that day and I spent some time reading with them and making pirate hats.  This rotation came at a pivotal time for me during my intern year. I was getting burnt out and I had just come off a hard/ stressful floor rotation. PLC made me remember why I wanted to become a pediatrician in the first place. I love kids and I want to help them, whether that help is the form of antibiotics or giving their mom an address to which she could bring her children to for shelter, food, and safety.
~Emily Nebzydoski, Pediatrics Resident


Nicole T

The FMLC course is a much needed component in our training as family medicine doctors because it helps to better ground us in the community that we serve. It provides us with the tools that we need to begin to weave together the support networks necessary to provide our patients with the comprehensive care that they expect from us as their primary doctor.
~Nicole Tetreault, Family Medicine Resident


As an intern, bustling back and forth between the hospital and home, I do not often experience the other communities within Rochester. In the clinic, it has not been a habit of mine to ask whether food, clothing and shelter are concerns. I can definitely be doing a better job at assessing the barriers and individual social determinants of health.
~ Bo Lee, Pediatrics Resident


Elizabeth M"During this rotation, it was refreshing to see these organizations with so many people working hard to help our patients. I was inspired by reading about programs that have been implemented to improve social determinants of health and hearing about projects being done by residents here in Rochester. I found the experience to be motivating and encouraging. Not only did I see what is happening in the community, but I was also reminded that I can make a difference as an individual."
~ Elizabeth Meehan, Family Medicine Resident  


"I think that PLC is about not only becoming comfortable with resources and how to find them but maybe more importantly starting to feel comfortable having honest discussions with patients about what needs they may have."
~ Laura Bowen, Medicine-Pediatrics Resident

Sarah H

"This experience was a reminder to me that one of my biggest jobs as a pediatrician is to be an advocate for my patients who cannot advocate for themselves."
~ Sarah Hodges, Pediatrics Resident


Morgan M

" I defintely developed a little bit better sense of what the neighborhoods are like where some of my patient live -I'll be able to ask more educated questions about things like safety at home and in the neighborhood."
~ Morgan Mihok, Family Medicine Resident


Anna B

"PLC has reminded me that I want that life to include some outreach and volunteering beyond the “helping people” that I am lucky enough to do every day."
~Anna Bottar Pediatrics Resident


Justin G

"My PLC rotation has had a tremendous impact on me both in terms of how I will practice medicine from here on as well as my awareness of parts of the community I have never been exposed to before."
~ Justin Goldstein – Pediatrics Resident


Milicent ODedicated to the women at the Jennifer House


Clock reads 7:20 and you are thinking of how this day will unfold
The rest of the world is worrying about breakfast
Your mind dashes to that dark place filled with fear of the “known”
Unlike others, you “know” the truth of this disease
Addiction is the stain in the mirror that stares back at you
Trying to make you believe that this is best for you
Breathe, breathe, breathe….You can do this
Take one step at a time
Get out of bed with confidence and smile
Start the day on the right foot because today is a new day
Believe in yourself and know you are in control
The clock reads 7:50 and you realize you made it 30 minutes
This is a small victory and you won this battle
The war is not over but you are a woman of worth
So hold your head up high and fight for your life
You have come a long way and as I look into your eyes
I can never judge or understand your journey
But know that you have and will survive yet another day
One day at a time

~Millicent C. Okereke-Medical Student

"The experiences I have had with PLC have, unmistakably, bettered my education and will add to my career as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner."
~ Lacey Fox – Pediatrics Nurse Practitioner Student

"During the two weeks on PLC,  I drove to places I didn’t even know existed, met people of different backgrounds, different races, different cultures, different vocations and was forced to not only challenge my preconceptions but to open my eyes to the extreme poverty and extreme need in our community."
~ Karolina Lis – Family Medicine Resident

Serena S.Poster by:

~Serena Shung-Medical Student


Poster by:

~ Nikki Vavrina – Family Medicine Resident

Heather Busick Poster

Poster by:

~ Heather Busick – Medicine-Pediatrics Resident

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