Department of Pediatrics - Adolescent Medicine Fellowship


Doctors and nurses

  • Sports Medicine, University of Rochester Medical Center
    Fellows learn to evaluate adolescents with recreational and competitive sports injuries at the University Sports Medicine practice within the University’s Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation.
  • St. Joseph’s Villa Chemical Dependency Program
    Fellows learn to screen for and assess an adolescent’s chemical dependency problems at a residential program that offers in-house chemical dependency treatment and a variety of therapeutic approaches for adolescent boys.
  • Industry School (Juvenile Justice Facility) Office of Child & Family Services
    Fellows help evaluate and manage the health care of adolescent males in a limited security state facility.
  • Transition, University of Rochester Medical Center
    Fellows learn to identify issues and the latest recommendations regarding transition of care for chronically ill patients from pediatric to adult providers by working in a coordinated way within multiple subspecialty sites such as the Kirch Developmental Services Center, the Cystic Fibrosis Center, the Medical Genetics Clinic, and the Long-Term Cancer Survivors Program.
  • Pediatric Endocrinology, University of Rochester Medical Center
    Fellows see patients with our pediatric endocrinologists at the University of Rochester Medical Center to learn to evaluate and treat common endocrine conditions of adolescence.
  • Oak Orchard Community Health Center, Inc., Brockport, NY
    Fellows help provide primary care to teens at a federally-funded community health center in Brockport, NY which serves a migrant farm-working community.
  • Dermatology Partners of Western New York, L.L.P., Rochester, NY
    Fellows work with a pediatrics-trained dermatologist in a private practice to diagnose and treat adolescents with common dermatologic issues.
  • Toxicology, University of Rochester Medical Center
    Fellows have the opportunity to work with Timothy Wiegand, M.D., Medical Toxicologist and Toxicology Consult Service Director for the University of Rochester Medical Center. They assist with inpatient and emergency department consults to learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of drug overdose and withdrawal.
  • Administrative Experience
    Fellows spend at least one half-day with each of our faculty members to gain exposure to and experience with common administrative tasks performed by adolescent medicine physicians in both academic and community settings.