Carol B. Diachun, M.D.

Carol B. Diachun, M.D.

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University of Rochester Medical Center
School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Ave, Box 604
Rochester, NY 14642

Office: (585) 275-2141
Fax: (585) 244-7271

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2013 Feb
Qian F, Osler TM, Eaton MP, Dick AW, Hohmann SF, Lustik SJ, Diachun CA, Pasternak R, Wissler RN, Glance LG. "Variation of blood transfusion in patients undergoing major noncardiac surgery." Annals of surgery. 2013 Feb; 257(2):266-78.
Qian F, Lustik SJ, Diachun CA, Wissler RN, Zollo RA, Glance LG. "Association between Leapfrog safe practices score and hospital mortality in major surgery." Medical care. 2011 49(12):1082-8.
2010 Oct
Glance LG, Wissler R, Mukamel DB, Li Y, Diachun CA, Salloum R, Fleming FJ, Dick AW. "Perioperative outcomes among patients with the modified metabolic syndrome who are undergoing noncardiac surgery." Anesthesiology. 2010 Oct; 113(4):859-72.
2006 Feb
Dupanovic M, Diachun CA, Isaacson SA, Layer D. "Intubation with the GlideScope videolaryngoscope using the "gear stick technique"." Canadian journal of anaesthesia = Journal canadien d'anesthésie. 2006 Feb; 53(2):213-4.
2001 Sep
Diachun CA, Tunink BP, Brock-Utne JG. "Suppression of cough during emergence from general anesthesia: laryngotracheal lidocaine through a modified endotracheal tube." Journal of clinical anesthesia. 2001 Sep; 13(6):447-51.
1998 Nov
Diachun CA, Brock-Utne JG, López JR, Ceranski JA. "Evoked potential monitoring and EKG: a case of a serious "cardiac arrhythmia"." Anesthesiology. 1998 Nov; 89(5):1270-2.