Frances Eun-Hyung Lee, M.D.

Frances Eun-Hyung Lee, M.D.

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Emory University
Division of Pulmonary, Allergy & CCM
615 Michael St., Ste 205
Atlanta, GA 30322-0147

Office: (585) 275-4161
Fax: (585) 273-1171

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2011 Nov
Lee FE, Walsh EE, Falsey AR. "The effect of steroid use in hospitalized adults with respiratory syncytial virus-related illness." Chest.. 2011 Nov; 140(5):1155-61. Epub 2011 May 12.
2009 Oct 15
Duncan CB, Walsh EE, Peterson DR, Lee FE, Falsey AR. "Risk factors for respiratory failure associated with respiratory syncytial virus infection in adults." The Journal of infectious diseases.. 2009 Oct 15; 200(8):1242-6.
Mosmann TR, Kobie JJ, Lee FE, Quataert SA. "T helper cytokine patterns: defined subsets, random expression, and external modulation." Immunologic research. 2009 45(2-3):173-84. Epub 2009 Feb 06.
2008 Oct
Rebhahn JA, Bishop C, Divekar AA, Jiminez-Garcia K, Kobie JJ, Lee FE, Maupin GM, Snyder-Cappione JE, Zaiss DM, Mosmann TR. "Automated analysis of two- and three-color fluorescent Elispot (Fluorospot) assays for cytokine secretion." Computer methods and programs in biomedicine. 2008 Oct; 92(1):54-65. Epub 2008 Jul 21.
2008 Feb
Sanz I, Wei C, Lee FE, Anolik J. "Phenotypic and functional heterogeneity of human memory B cells." Seminars in immunology. 2008 Feb; 20(1):67-82. Epub 2008 Feb 06.
2007 Jun 15
Lee FE, Walsh EE, Falsey AR, Lumb ME, Okam NV, Liu N, Divekar AA, Hall CB, Mosmann TR. "Human infant respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)-specific type 1 and 2 cytokine responses ex vivo during primary RSV infection." The Journal of infectious diseases.. 2007 Jun 15; 195(12):1779-88. Epub 2007 May 09.
2006 Feb 1
Divekar AA, Zaiss DM, Lee FE, Liu D, Topham DJ, Sijts AJ, Mosmann TR. "Protein vaccines induce uncommitted IL-2-secreting human and mouse CD4 T cells, whereas infections induce more IFN-gamma-secreting cells." The Journal of immunology : official journal of the American Association of Immunologists.. 2006 Feb 1; 176(3):1465-73.
2005 Nov
Lee FE, Walsh EE, Falsey AR, Liu N, Liu D, Divekar A, Snyder-Cappione JE, Mosmann TR. "The balance between influenza- and RSV-specific CD4 T cells secreting IL-10 or IFNgamma in young and healthy-elderly subjects." Mechanisms of ageing and development. 2005 Nov; 126(11):1223-9.
2005 Sep
Lee FE, Daigle CC, Urban MA, Metlay LA, Treanor JJ, Trawick DR. "Fever and progressive respiratory failure in three elderly family members." Chest.. 2005 Sep; 128(3):1863-4, 1865-7.
2005 Jan
Zand MS, Bose A, Vo T, Coppage M, Pellegrin T, Arend L, Lee FE, Bozorgzadeh A, Leong N. "A renewable source of donor cells for repetitive monitoring of T- and B-cell alloreactivity." American journal of transplantation : official journal of the American Society of Transplantation and the American Society of Transplant Surgeons.. 2005 Jan; 5(1):76-86.
2004 Sep
Lee FE, Walsh EE, Falsey AR, Betts RF, Treanor JJ. "Experimental infection of humans with A2 respiratory syncytial virus." Antiviral research.. 2004 Sep; 63(3):191-6.
Frampton MW, Utell MJ, Zareba W, Oberdörster G, Cox C, Huang LS, Morrow PE, Lee FE, Chalupa D, Frasier LM, Speers DM, Stewart J. "Effects of exposure to ultrafine carbon particles in healthy subjects and subjects with asthma." Research report (Health Effects Institute). 2004 (126):1-47; discussion 49-63.
2003 Feb
Snyder JE, Bowers WJ, Livingstone AM, Lee FE, Federoff HJ, Mosmann TR. "Measuring the frequency of mouse and human cytotoxic T cells by the Lysispot assay: independent regulation of cytokine secretion and short-term killing." Nature medicine.. 2003 Feb; 9(2):231-5. Epub 2003 Jan 21.