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2012 Mar
Barr PM, Wei C, Roger J, Schaefer-Cutillo J, Kelly JL, Rosenberg AF, Jung J, Sanz I, Friedberg JW. "Syk inhibition with fostamatinib leads to transitional B lymphocyte depletion." Clinical immunology : the official journal of the Clinical Immunology Society. 2012 Mar; 142(3):237-42. Epub 2012 Jan 05.
2011 Nov
Wei C, Jung J, Sanz I. "OMIP-003: phenotypic analysis of human memory B cells." Cytometry. Part A : the journal of the International Society for Analytical Cytology. 2011 Nov; 79(11):894-6. Epub 2011 Jul 27.
2011 Sep 29
Hilchey SP, Rosenberg AF, Hyrien O, Secor-Socha S, Cochran MR, Brady MT, Wang JC, Sanz I, Burack WR, Quataert SA, Bernstein SH. "Follicular lymphoma tumor-infiltrating T-helper (T(H)) cells have the same polyfunctional potential as normal nodal T(H) cells despite skewed differentiation." Blood. 2011 Sep 29; 118(13):3591-602. Epub 2011 Aug 05.
2011 May 1
Lee FE, Halliley JL, Walsh EE, Moscatiello AP, Kmush BL, Falsey AR, Randall TD, Kaminiski DA, Miller RK, Sanz I. "Circulating human antibody-secreting cells during vaccinations and respiratory viral infections are characterized by high specificity and lack of bystander effect." The Journal of immunology : official journal of the American Association of Immunologists. 2011 May 1; 186(9):5514-21. Epub 2011 Mar 25.
2011 May
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2011 May
Sanz I. "Connective tissue diseases: targeting B cells in SLE: good news at last!" Nature reviews. Rheumatology. 2011 May; 7(5):255-6.
2011 Apr 15
Quách TD, Manjarrez-Orduño N, Adlowitz DG, Silver L, Yang H, Wei C, Milner EC, Sanz I. "Anergic responses characterize a large fraction of human autoreactive naive B cells expressing low levels of surface IgM." The Journal of immunology : official journal of the American Association of Immunologists. 2011 Apr 15; 186(8):4640-8. Epub 2011 Mar 11.
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2010 Nov
Calero I, Sanz I. "Targeting B cells for the treatment of SLE: the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?" Discovery medicine. 2010 Nov; 10(54):416-24.
2010 Jun 1
Li J, Kuzin I, Moshkani S, Proulx ST, Xing L, Skrombolas D, Dunn R, Sanz I, Schwarz EM, Bottaro A. "Expanded CD23(+)/CD21(hi) B cells in inflamed lymph nodes are associated with the onset of inflammatory-erosive arthritis in TNF-transgenic mice and are targets of anti-CD20 therapy." The Journal of immunology : official journal of the American Association of Immunologists. 2010 Jun 1; 184(11):6142-50. Epub 2010 Apr 30.
2010 Jun
Sanz I, Lee FE, . "B cells as therapeutic targets in SLE." Nature reviews. Rheumatology. 2010 Jun; 6(6):326-37.
2010 Apr 30
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2010 Feb
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2009 Sep
Coca A, Sanz I. "B cell depletion in lupus and Sjögren's syndrome: an update." Current opinion in rheumatology. 2009 Sep; 21(5):483-8.
2009 Jun
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2009 May 15
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2009 Feb
Manjarrez-Orduño N, Quách TD, Sanz I. "B cells and immunological tolerance." The Journal of investigative dermatology. 2009 Feb; 129(2):278-88.
2009 Jan
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Anolik, J.; Looney, R.; Lund, R.; Randall, T. Sanz, I. "Effect of long-term belimumab treatment on B cells in systemic lupus erythematosus: Extension of a phase II, double-blind, placeo-controlled, dose-ranging study." Immunologic Research. 2009; .
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2008 Feb 1
Kim SW, Oleksyn DW, Rossi RM, Jordan CT, Sanz I, Chen L, Zhao J. "Protein kinase C-associated kinase is required for NF-kappaB signaling and survival in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma cells." Blood. 2008 Feb 1; 111(3):1644-53. Epub 2007 Nov 19.
2008 Feb
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2008 Jan 15
Anolik JH, Ravikumar R, Barnard J, Owen T, Almudevar A, Milner EC, Miller CH, Dutcher PO, Hadley JA, Sanz I. "Cutting edge: anti-tumor necrosis factor therapy in rheumatoid arthritis inhibits memory B lymphocytes via effects on lymphoid germinal centers and follicular dendritic cell networks." The Journal of immunology : official journal of the American Association of Immunologists. 2008 Jan 15; 180(2):688-92.
Anolik, J.; Barnard, J.; Zheng, B.; Owen, T.; Quach, T.; Wei, C.W.; Miyake, B.; Milner, E.C.B.,;Looney, R.J.; Sanz, I. "Novel human transitional B cell populations revealed by B cell depletion therapy". 2008; .
2007 Sep
Anolik JH, Barnard J, Owen T, Zheng B, Kemshetti S, Looney RJ, Sanz I. "Delayed memory B cell recovery in peripheral blood and lymphoid tissue in systemic lupus erythematosus after B cell depletion therapy." Arthritis and rheumatism. 2007 Sep; 56(9):3044-56.
2007 May 15
Wei C, Anolik J, Cappione A, Zheng B, Pugh-Bernard A, Brooks J, Lee EH, Milner EC, Sanz I. "A new population of cells lacking expression of CD27 represents a notable component of the B cell memory compartment in systemic lupus erythematosus." The Journal of immunology : official journal of the American Association of Immunologists. 2007 May 15; 178(10):6624-33.
2007 Feb 15
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2007 Feb
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2006 Apr 1
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2006 Feb
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2005 Nov
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2005 Jun 15
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2005 Mar
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2004 Nov
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2004 Aug
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2004 May
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2004 Apr 1
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2003 Oct
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2003 Sep
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2003 Feb
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2001 Oct
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2000 Sep 12
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2000 Sep
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2000 Jun 1
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2000 May
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2000 Apr
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2000 Apr
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1999 Feb
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