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Thornburg, L.L., Pressman, E.K., Chelamkuri, S., Hulbert, W., Rabinowitz R. and Mevorach, R. "Third Trimester Ultrasound of Fetal Pyelectasis: Predictor for Postnatal Surgery". Journal of Pediatric Urology. 2008; Vol. 4, No. 1: 51-54.
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2006 Mar
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2006 Jan
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2003 Feb
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2002 Aug
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2001 Jun
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1998 May
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1998 May
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1998 May
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1997 Sep
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1997 Sep
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1997 May
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1995 May
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1995 Feb
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1994 Jul
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1993 Jun
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1992 Jul
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1992 Feb
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1991 Oct
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1991 Apr
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1990 Aug
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1988 Nov
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1988 Nov
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1988 Jan
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1987 May
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1986 Mar
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1985 Oct
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1985 Aug
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1985 Mar
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1983 Aug
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1983 Jun
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