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Elena Lomakina, M.D., Ph.D.

Contact Information

University of Rochester
500 Joseph C. Wilson Blvd.
Box 270168
Rochester, NY 14611

Office: (585) 275-0437
Fax: (585) 273-4746


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Recent Journal Articles

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Spillmann, C. M.; Lomakina, E. B.; Waugh, R. E.;. "Neutrophil adhesive contact dependence on impingement force". Biophys J. 2005; 87(36): 4237-45. Link
2004 Feb
Lomakina EB, Waugh RE. "Micromechanical tests of adhesion dynamics between neutrophils and immobilized ICAM-1." Biophysical journal. 2004 Feb; 86(2):1223-33.
Lomakina EB, Spillmann CM, King MR, Waugh RE. "Rheological analysis and measurement of neutrophil indentation." Biophysical journal. 2004 87(6):4246-58. Epub 2004 Sep 10.
Lomakina, E. B.; Dubovaya, T. K.; Kogan, E. M.;. "Computer morphologic densitometric analysis of normal erythrocytes and erythrocytes irradiated with the low dose of radiation". Bull Exp Biol Med. 1997; 124(311): 591-2. Link
Priezzhev, A.; Dergachev, A.; Kopylov, V.; Zhukotsky, A.; Lomakina, E. B.; Kogan, E.;. "Application of the new methodology of quantitative evaluation of morphofunctional changes in RBCs induced by low-dose irradiation of donors". SPIE International Symposium"Progress in Biomedical Optics. 1996; 2678(34): 353-357. Link

Current Appointments

Research Assistant Professor - Department of Biomedical Engineering (SMD) - Primary


PhD | Cell Biology, Cytology | Russia-Russian State Medical Univ1995
MD | Medicine | Russia-Russian State Medical Univ1992