Jian-Dong Li, B.Med., Ph.D.

Jian-Dong Li, B.Med., Ph.D.

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Georgia State University
P.O. Box 3965
Atlanta, GA 30302-3965


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Recombinant Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 (PAI-1) for the Treatment or Prevention of Acute Lung Injury and Death in Severe Pulmonary Infection

United States Serial NO.: 12/670,778
Filed Date: July 22, 2008
Title: Methods for the Treatment or Prevention of Hemorrhagic Conditions
Invented by: Jian-Dong Li, Jae Hyang Lim

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2010 Aug
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2009 Feb
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2009 Jan 15
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2008 Nov 7
Ha UH, Lim JH, Kim HJ, Wu W, Jin S, Xu H, Li JD. "MKP1 regulates the induction of MUC5AC mucin by Streptococcus pneumoniae pneumolysin by inhibiting the PAK4-JNK signaling pathway." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2008 Nov 7; 283(45):30624-31. Epub 2008 Sep 09.


PhD | Biomedical Sciences | Univ of Cal San Francisco1997
MD | Medicine | China-Tsingtao Univ School of Medicine1983