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2015 Apr
Bouta EM, Banik PD, Wood RW, Rahimi H, Ritchlin CT, Thiele RG, Schwarz EM. "Validation of power Doppler versus contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging quantification of joint inflammation in murine inflammatory arthritis." Journal of bone and mineral research : the official journal of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research. 2015 Apr; 30(4):690-4.
2014 Nov
Anandarajah A, Thiele R, Giampoli E, Monu J, Seo GS, Feng C, Ritchlin C. "Patients with rheumatoid arthritis in clinical remission manifest persistent joint inflammation on histology and imaging studies." The Journal of rheumatology. 2014 Nov; 41(11):2153-60. Epub 2014 Oct 01.
2013 Oct
Kissin EY, Niu J, Balint P, Bong D, Evangelisto A, Goyal J, Higgs J, Malone D, Nishio MJ, Pineda C, Schmidt WA, Thiele RG, Torralba KD, Kaeley GS. "Musculoskeletal ultrasound training and competency assessment program for rheumatology fellows." Journal of ultrasound in medicine : official journal of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine. 2013 Oct; 32(10):1735-43.
2013 May
Nazarian LN, Jacobson JA, Benson CB, Bancroft LW, Bedi A, McShane JM, Miller TT, Parker L, Smith J, Steinbach LS, Teefey SA, Thiele RG, Tuite MJ, Wise JN, Yamaguchi K. "Imaging algorithms for evaluating suspected rotator cuff disease: Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound consensus conference statement." Radiology. 2013 May; 267(2):589-95. Epub 2013 Feb 11.
Bakewell CJ, Olivieri I, Aydin SZ, Dejaco C, Ikeda K, Gutierrez M, Terslev L, Thiele R, D'Agostino MA, Kaeley GS. "Ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging in the evaluation of psoriatic dactylitis: status and perspectives." The Journal of rheumatology. 2013 40(12):1951-7. Epub 2013 Nov 01.
2012 Sep
, , . "AIUM practice guideline for the performance of a musculoskeletal ultrasound examination." Journal of ultrasound in medicine : official journal of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine. 2012 Sep; 31(9):1473-88.
2012 May
Howard RG, Pillinger MH, Gyftopoulos S, Thiele RG, Swearingen CJ, Samuels J. "Reply." Arthritis care & research. 2012 May; 64(5):795-6.
2012 May
Thiele RG. "Ultrasonography applications in diagnosis and management of early rheumatoid arthritis." Rheumatic diseases clinics of North America. 2012 May; 38(2):259-75.
2012 Jan
Schiavenato M, Thiele RG. "Thermography detects subclinical inflammation in chronic tophaceous gout." The Journal of rheumatology. 2012 Jan; 39(1):182-3.
Mills DM, Cao K, Thiele R, Patwardhan KA. "Volumetric ultrasound and computer-assisted analysis at the point-of-care: a musculoskeletal exemplar." Conference proceedings : ... Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. 2012 2012:2318-22.
2011 Oct
Howard RG, Pillinger MH, Gyftopoulos S, Thiele RG, Swearingen CJ, Samuels J. "Reproducibility of musculoskeletal ultrasound for determining monosodium urate deposition: concordance between readers." Arthritis care & research. 2011 Oct; 63(10):1456-62.
2011 Apr
Thiele RG. "Role of ultrasound and other advanced imaging in the diagnosis and management of gout." Current rheumatology reports. 2011 Apr; 13(2):146-53.
Kobie JJ, Zheng B, Bryk P, Barnes M, Ritchlin CT, Tabechian DA, Anandarajah AP, Looney RJ, Thiele RG, Anolik JH, Coca A, Wei C, Rosenberg AF, Feng C, Treanor JJ, Lee FE, Sanz I. "Decreased influenza-specific B cell responses in rheumatoid arthritis patients treated with anti-tumor necrosis factor." Arthritis research & therapy. 2011 13(6):R209. Epub 2011 Dec 16.
2010 Nov
Schlesinger N, Thiele RG. "The pathogenesis of bone erosions in gouty arthritis." Annals of the rheumatic diseases. 2010 Nov; 69(11):1907-12. Epub 2010 Aug 12.
2010 May
Kunkel G, Kaeley G, Thiele R. "Comment on: An analysis of MRI and ultrasound imaging in patients with gout who have normal plain radiographs." Rheumatology (Oxford, England). 2010 May; 49(5):1022-3; author reply 1023-4. Epub 2010 Feb 19.
2010 Feb
Thiele RG, Schlesinger N. "Ultrasonography shows disappearance of monosodium urate crystal deposition on hyaline cartilage after sustained normouricemia is achieved." Rheumatology international. 2010 Feb; 30(4):495-503. Epub 2009 Jun 20.
2009 Sep
Khosla S, Thiele R, Baumhauer JF. "Ultrasound guidance for intra-articular injections of the foot and ankle." Foot & ankle international. 2009 Sep; 30(9):886-90.
2008 Jan
Thiele R. "Doppler ultrasonography in rheumatology: adding color to the picture." The Journal of rheumatology. 2008 Jan; 35(1):8-10.
Thiele, R.;. "Doppler ultrasonography in rheumatology:adding color to the picture". Journal of Rheumatology. 2008; 35(1): 8-10.
Thiele, R.G.; Schlesinger, N. "Diagnosis of gout by ultrasound". Rheumatology. 2007; 7: 1116-1121.
2006 Apr 15
Thiele RG, Evangelisto AM. "Radiologic perspective on musculoskeletal ultrasound: comment on the editorial by Roemer et al." Arthritis and rheumatism. 2006 Apr 15; 55(2):342-3; author reply 343-4.
Thiele, R.G.; Evangelisto, A.M. "Radiologic perspective on musculoskeletal ultrasound". Arthritis and Rheumatism. 2006; 55(2): 342-343.
Khosla, S.; Thiele, R.G.; Baumhauer, J. "The use of Ultrasound guidance for intra-articular injections of the foot and ankle". Foot Ankle Int. .


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