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2014 Apr
Jones KB, Pacifici M, Hilton MJ. "Multiple hereditary exostoses (MHE): elucidating the pathogenesis of a rare skeletal disorder through interdisciplinary research." Connective tissue research.. 2014 Apr; 55(2):80-8. Epub 2014 Feb 12.
2014 Mar
Long T, Zhu Z, Awad HA, Schwarz EM, Hilton MJ, Dong Y. "The effect of mesenchymal stem cell sheets on structural allograft healing of critical sized femoral defects in mice." Biomaterials.. 2014 Mar; 35(9):2752-9. Epub 2014 Jan 03.
Mack SA, Maltby KM, Hilton MJ. "Demineralized murine skeletal histology." Methods in molecular biology.. 2014 1130:165-83.
Rutkowsky T, Sharma D, Hilton MJ. "Whole-mount in situ hybridization on murine skeletogenic tissues." Methods in molecular biology.. 2014 1130:193-201.
Mirando AJ, Dong Y, Kim J, Hilton MJ. "Isolation and culture of murine primary chondrocytes." Methods in molecular biology.. 2014 1130:267-77.
2013 Oct
Mirando AJ, Liu Z, Moore T, Lang A, Kohn A, Osinski AM, O'Keefe RJ, Mooney RA, Zuscik MJ, Hilton MJ. "RBP-J?-dependent Notch signaling is required for murine articular cartilage and joint maintenance." Arthritis and rheumatism. 2013 Oct; 65(10):2623-33.
2013 Sep
Ju Y, Li J, Xie C, Ritchlin CT, Xing L, Hilton MJ, Schwarz EM. "Troponin T3 expression in skeletal and smooth muscle is required for growth and postnatal survival: characterization of Tnnt3(tm2a(KOMP)Wtsi) mice." Genesis (New York, N.Y. : 2000). 2013 Sep; 51(9):667-75. Epub 2013 Jul 09.
2013 May
Chen T, Hilton MJ, Brown EB, Zuscik MJ, Awad HA. "Engineering superficial zone features in tissue engineered cartilage." Biotechnology and bioengineering. 2013 May; 110(5):1476-86. Epub 2012 Dec 27.
Gao L, Sheu TJ, Dong Y, Hoak DM, Zuscik MJ, Schwarz EM, Hilton MJ, O'Keefe RJ, Jonason JH. "TAK1 regulates SOX9 expression in chondrocytes and is essential for postnatal development of the growth plate and articular cartilages." Journal of cell science.. 2013 126(Pt 24):5704-13. Epub 2013 Oct 21.
2012 Aug
Dao DY, Jonason JH, Zhang Y, Hsu W, Chen D, Hilton MJ, O'Keefe RJ. "Cartilage-specific ?-catenin signaling regulates chondrocyte maturation, generation of ossification centers, and perichondrial bone formation during skeletal development." Journal of bone and mineral research : the official journal of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research.. 2012 Aug; 27(8):1680-94.
2012 Jun
Kim KO, Sampson ER, Maynard RD, O'Keefe RJ, Chen D, Drissi H, Rosier RN, Hilton MJ, Zuscik MJ. "Ski inhibits TGF-?/phospho-Smad3 signaling and accelerates hypertrophic differentiation in chondrocytes." Journal of cellular biochemistry. 2012 Jun; 113(6):2156-66.
2012 Mar
Kohn A, Dong Y, Mirando AJ, Jesse AM, Honjo T, Zuscik MJ, O'Keefe RJ, Hilton MJ. "Cartilage-specific RBPj?-dependent and -independent Notch signals regulate cartilage and bone development." Development.. 2012 Mar; 139(6):1198-212.
2011 Oct 15
Shu B, Zhang M, Xie R, Wang M, Jin H, Hou W, Tang D, Harris SE, Mishina Y, O'keefe RJ, Hilton MJ, Wang Y, Chen D. "BMP2, but not BMP4, is crucial for chondrocyte proliferation and maturation during endochondral bone development." Journal of cell science.. 2011 Oct 15; 124(Pt 20):3428-40. Epub 2011 Oct 07.
2011 Sep 21
Sampson ER, Hilton MJ, Tian Y, Chen D, Schwarz EM, Mooney RA, Bukata SV, O'Keefe RJ, Awad H, Puzas JE, Rosier RN, Zuscik MJ. "Teriparatide as a chondroregenerative therapy for injury-induced osteoarthritis." Science translational medicine. 2011 Sep 21; 3(101):101ra93.
2011 Sep
Papuga MO, Kwok E, You Z, Rubery PT, Dougherty PE, Pryhuber G, Beck CA, Hilton MJ, Awad HA, Schwarz EM. "TNF is required for the induction but not the maintenance of compression-induced BME signals in murine tail vertebrae: limitations of anti-TNF therapy for degenerative disc disease." Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society.. 2011 Sep; 29(9):1367-74. Epub 2011 Mar 28.
2011 Aug
Sampson ER, Beck CA, Ketz J, Canary KL, Hilton MJ, Awad H, Schwarz EM, Chen D, O'Keefe RJ, Rosier RN, Zuscik MJ. "Establishment of an index with increased sensitivity for assessing murine arthritis." Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society.. 2011 Aug; 29(8):1145-51. Epub 2011 Mar 03.
2011 May
Katzel EB, Wolenski M, Loiselle AE, Basile P, Flick LM, Langstein HN, Hilton MJ, Awad HA, Hammert WC, O'Keefe RJ. "Impact of Smad3 loss of function on scarring and adhesion formation during tendon healing." Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society.. 2011 May; 29(5):684-93. Epub 2010 Sep 14.
2010 Sep
Papuga MO, Proulx ST, Kwok E, You Z, Rubery PT, Dougherty PE, Hilton MJ, Awad HA, Schwarz EM. "Chronic axial compression of the mouse tail segment induces MRI bone marrow edema changes that correlate with increased marrow vasculature and cellularity." Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society.. 2010 Sep; 28(9):1220-8.
2010 May
Dong Y, Jesse AM, Kohn A, Gunnell LM, Honjo T, Zuscik MJ, O'Keefe RJ, Hilton MJ. "RBPjkappa-dependent Notch signaling regulates mesenchymal progenitor cell proliferation and differentiation during skeletal development." Development.. 2010 May; 137(9):1461-71. Epub 2010 Mar 24.
2010 Jan
Dao DY, Yang X, Flick LM, Chen D, Hilton MJ, O'Keefe RJ. "Axin2 regulates chondrocyte maturation and axial skeletal development." Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society.. 2010 Jan; 28(1):89-95.
Gunnell, LM; Jonason, JH; Loiselle, AE; Kohn, A; Schwarz, EM; O'Keefe, RJ; Hilton, J. "TAKa Regulates Cartilage and Joint Development via the MAPK and BMP Signaling Pathways." Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. 2010; 25(8): 1784-1797. Link
2009 Aug 13
Christopher MJ, Liu F, Hilton MJ, Long F, Link DC. "Suppression of CXCL12 production by bone marrow osteoblasts is a common and critical pathway for cytokine-induced mobilization." Blood.. 2009 Aug 13; 114(7):1331-9. Epub 2009 Jan 13.
2009 Aug
Crane DP, Gromov K, Li D, Søballe K, Wahnes C, Büchner H, Hilton MJ, O'Keefe RJ, Murray CK, Schwarz EM. "Efficacy of colistin-impregnated beads to prevent multidrug-resistant A. baumannii implant-associated osteomyelitis." Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society.. 2009 Aug; 27(8):1008-15.
2009 Jul
Metcalf JA, Zhang Y, Hilton MJ, Long F, Ponder KP. "Mechanism of shortened bones in mucopolysaccharidosis VII." Molecular genetics and metabolism. 2009 Jul; 97(3):202-11. Epub 2009 Mar 25.
2008 Jul 15
Yin Y, White AC, Huh SH, Hilton MJ, Kanazawa H, Long F, Ornitz DM. "An FGF-WNT gene regulatory network controls lung mesenchyme development." Developmental biology. 2008 Jul 15; 319(2):426-36. Epub 2008 Jun 03.
2008 Apr 18
Wu X, Tu X, Joeng KS, Hilton MJ, Williams DA, Long F. "Rac1 activation controls nuclear localization of beta-catenin during canonical Wnt signaling." Cell. 2008 Apr 18; 133(2):340-53.
2008 Mar 7
Bai S, Kopan R, Zou W, Hilton MJ, Ong CT, Long F, Ross FP, Teitelbaum SL. "NOTCH1 regulates osteoclastogenesis directly in osteoclast precursors and indirectly via osteoblast lineage cells." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2008 Mar 7; 283(10):6509-18. Epub 2007 Dec 22.
2008 Mar
Hilton MJ, Tu X, Wu X, Bai S, Zhao H, Kobayashi T, Kronenberg HM, Teitelbaum SL, Ross FP, Kopan R, Long F. "Notch signaling maintains bone marrow mesenchymal progenitors by suppressing osteoblast differentiation." Nature medicine.. 2008 Mar; 14(3):306-14. Epub 2008 Feb 24.
2007 Aug 1
Hilton MJ, Tu X, Long F. "Tamoxifen-inducible gene deletion reveals a distinct cell type associated with trabecular bone, and direct regulation of PTHrP expression and chondrocyte morphology by Ihh in growth region cartilage." Developmental biology. 2007 Aug 1; 308(1):93-105. Epub 2007 May 18.
2005 Oct
Hilton MJ, Tu X, Cook J, Hu H, Long F. "Ihh controls cartilage development by antagonizing Gli3, but requires additional effectors to regulate osteoblast and vascular development." Development.. 2005 Oct; 132(19):4339-51. Epub 2005 Sep 01.
2005 Mar
Hilton MJ, Gutiérrez L, Martinez DA, Wells DE. "EXT1 regulates chondrocyte proliferation and differentiation during endochondral bone development." Bone.. 2005 Mar; 36(3):379-86.
2005 Jan
Hu H, Hilton MJ, Tu X, Yu K, Ornitz DM, Long F. "Sequential roles of Hedgehog and Wnt signaling in osteoblast development." Development.. 2005 Jan; 132(1):49-60. Epub 2004 Dec 02.
Hilton MJ, Sawyer JM, Gutiérrez L, Hogart A, Kung TC, Wells DE. "Analysis of novel and recurrent mutations responsible for the tricho-rhino-phalangeal syndromes." Journal of human genetics. 2002 47(3):103-6.
2001 Jan 15
Hilton MJ, Gutiérrez L, Zhang L, Moreno PA, Reddy M, Brown N, Tan Y, Hill A, Wells DE. "An integrated physical map of 8q22-q24: use in positional cloning and deletion analysis of Langer-Giedion syndrome." Genomics.. 2001 Jan 15; 71(2):192-9.