Dorota Lucja Piekna-Przybylska, Ph.D.

Dorota Lucja Piekna-Przybylska, Ph.D.

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University of Rochester Medical Center
School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Ave, Box 672
Rochester, NY 14642


Piekna-Przybylska D, Bambara RA.. "Proviral DNA Synthesis in HIV: Background". Human Immunodeficiency Virus Reverse Transcriptase. A Bench-to-Bedside Success.. LeGrice and M. Gotte. New York: Springer, 2013. 23-51

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2013 Aug 16
Piekna-Przybylska D, Sharma G, Bambara RA. "Mechanism of HIV-1 RNA dimerization in the central region of the genome and significance for viral evolution." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2013 Aug 16; 288(33):24140-50. Epub 2013 Jul 09.
2011 Feb 20
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2010 Jan
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Baudin-Baillieu A, Fabret C, Liang XH, Piekna-Przybylska D, Fournier MJ, Rousset JP. "Nucleotide modifications in three functionally important regions of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae ribosome affect translation accuracy." Nucleic acids research.. 2009 37(22):7665-77.
2008 Sep 19
Piekna-Przybylska D, Przybylski P, Baudin-Baillieu A, Rousset JP, Fournier MJ. "Ribosome performance is enhanced by a rich cluster of pseudouridines in the A-site finger region of the large subunit." The Journal of biological chemistry.. 2008 Sep 19; 283(38):26026-36. Epub 2008 Jul 08.
2008 Jan
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2007 Mar
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