I-Hweii Amy Chen, M.D., Ph.D.

I-Hweii Amy Chen, M.D., Ph.D.

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Rochester General Hospital
1425 Portland Avenue
Department of Neurology
Rochester, NY 14621

Office: (585) 275-2559
Fax: (585) 273-1255

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2010 Nov
Chen A, Weimer L, Brannagan T, Colin M, Andrews J, Mitsumoto H, Kaufmann P. "Experience with the Awaji Island modifications to the ALS diagnostic criteria." Muscle & nerve. 2010 Nov; 42(5):831-2.
2009 Feb
Chen IH, Mitsumoto H, Vonsattel JP, Hays AP. "Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and neurosarcoidosis: a case report." Muscle & nerve. 2009 Feb; 39(2):234-8.
2008 Aug
Chen A, Montes J, Mitsumoto H. "The role of exercise in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis." Physical medicine and rehabilitation clinics of North America. 2008 Aug; 19(3):545-57, ix-x.
2006 Jun
Min L, Zwerling J, Ocava LC, Chen IH, Putterman C. "Reversible posterior leukoencephalopathy in connective tissue diseases." Seminars in arthritis and rheumatism. 2006 Jun; 35(6):388-95.
2003 Aug 14
Chen A, Muzzio IA, Malleret G, Bartsch D, Verbitsky M, Pavlidis P, Yonan AL, Vronskaya S, Grody MB, Cepeda I, Gilliam TC, Kandel ER. "Inducible enhancement of memory storage and synaptic plasticity in transgenic mice expressing an inhibitor of ATF4 (CREB-2) and C/EBP proteins." Neuron. 2003 Aug 14; 39(4):655-69.
1995 Mar 1
Sengupta TK, Chen A, Zhong Z, Darnell JE, Ivashkiv LB. "Activation of monocyte effector genes and STAT family transcription factors by inflammatory synovial fluid is independent of interferon gamma." The Journal of experimental medicine. 1995 Mar 1; 181(3):1015-25.
1991 Jun 15
Lyu PC, Sherman JC, Chen A, Kallenbach NR. "Alpha-helix stabilization by natural and unnatural amino acids with alkyl side chains." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 1991 Jun 15; 88(12):5317-20.