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Yousuf M. Khalifa and Sandra Johnson. The Glaucoma Book. : Springer, 2010.

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2014 Feb
Moshirfar M, Imbornoni LM, Muthappan V, Williams L, Khalifa YM, Jarstad A, Sikder S. "In vitro pilot analysis of uniformity, circularity, and concentricity of DSAEK donor endothelial grafts prepared by a microkeratome." Cornea.. 2014 Feb; 33(2):191-6.
2013 Apr
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2013 Feb
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2012 Aug
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2012 Aug
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2012 May
Moshirfar M, Khalifa YM, Davis D, Fenzl CR, Espandar L, Chang JC, Mamalis N, Mifflin MD. "Descemet stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty using donor corneas with previous laser in situ keratomileusis or photorefractive keratectomy: a case series and donor cap histopathology." Cornea.. 2012 May; 31(5):533-7.
2012 Apr
Khalifa YM, Bailony MR, Bloomer MM, Killingsworth D, Jeng BH. "Reply." Cornea.. 2012 Apr; 31(4):466.
2012 Jan
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2011 Sep
Khalifa YM, Davis D, Mamalis N, Moshirfar M. "Donor cornea tissue with prior radial keratotomy: is it suitable for descemet stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty?" Cornea.. 2011 Sep; 30(9):1061-2; author reply 1062.
2011 Jul
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2011 Jun
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2011 Apr
Khalifa YM, Mifflin MD. "Keratitis and corneal melt with ketorolac tromethamine after conductive keratoplasty." Cornea.. 2011 Apr; 30(4):477-8.
2011 Jan
Moshirfar M, Khalifa YM, Kuo A, Davis D, Mamalis N. "Ocular surface squamous neoplasia masquerading as superior limbic keratoconjunctivitis." Middle East African journal of ophthalmology. 2011 Jan; 18(1):74-6.
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2010 Nov
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2010 Oct
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2010 Oct
Khalifa YM, Moshirfar M, Mifflin MD, Kamae K, Mamalis N, Werner L. "Cataract development associated with collagen copolymer posterior chamber phakic intraocular lenses: clinicopathological correlation." Journal of cataract and refractive surgery.. 2010 Oct; 36(10):1768-74.
2010 Oct
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2010 Aug
Khalifa YM, Jacoby RM, Margolis TP. "Exacerbation of zoster interstitial keratitis after zoster vaccination in an adult." Archives of ophthalmology. 2010 Aug; 128(8):1079-80.
2010 Jul
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2010 Jun
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2010 Jan
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2010 Jan
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2009 Sep
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2006 Jan
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2005 Mar
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