Jeffrey M. Vinocur, M.D.

Jeffrey M. Vinocur, M.D.

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University of Rochester Medical Center
School of Medicine and Dentistry
601 Elmwood Ave, Box 631
Rochester, NY 14642

Administrative: (585) 275-6096

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Lazaros, K.; Kochilas, MD.; Vinocur, JM.; Jeremiah, S.; Menk, MS. "Age-Dependent Sex Effects on Outcomes After Pediatric Cardiac Surgery". J Am Heart Assoc. 2014; 3(1).
2013 Oct
Foker JE, Berry JM, Vinocur JM, Harvey BA, Pyles LA. "Two-ventricle repairs in the unbalanced atrioventricular canal defect spectrum with midterm follow-up." The Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. 2013 Oct; 146(4):854-860.e3. Epub 2013 Jul 18.
2013 Jul 15
Aldoss O, Arain NI, Vinocur JM, Menk J, Ameduri RK, Bryant R, Kochilas LK, Gruenstein DH. "Frequency of superior vena cava obstruction in pediatric heart transplant recipients and its relation to previous superior cavopulmonary anastomosis." The American journal of cardiology. 2013 Jul 15; 112(2):286-91. Epub 2013 Apr 12.
2013 Jun
Vinocur JM, Menk JS, Connett J, Moller JH, Kochilas LK. "Surgical volume and center effects on early mortality after pediatric cardiac surgery: 25-year North American experience from a multi-institutional registry." Pediatric cardiology. 2013 Jun; 34(5):1226-36. Epub 2013 Feb 02.
2012 Oct 1
Shepard CW, Kochilas L, Vinocur JM, Bryant R, Harvey BA, Bradley S, Decampli W, Louis JD. "Surgical Placement of Permanent Epicardial Pacing Systems in Very Low-Birth Weight Premature Neonates: A Review of Data From the Pediatric Cardiac Care Consortium (PCCC)." World journal for pediatric & congenital heart surgery. 2012 Oct 1; 3(4):454-8.
2012 Jul 1
Vinocur JM, Moller JH, Kochilas LK. "Putting the Pediatric Cardiac Care Consortium in context: evaluation of scope and case mix compared with other reported surgical datasets." Circulation. Cardiovascular quality and outcomes. 2012 Jul 1; 5(4):577-9.
Vinocur JM, Sivanandam S. "Fetal goiter mimicking anomalous pulmonary venous connection." Congenital heart disease. 2010 5(5):482-5.
2009 Jul
Vinocur JM, Fesnak AD, Liu Y, Charan D, Prak ET. "Violations of the 12/23 rule at the mouse immunoglobulin kappa locus, including V kappa-V kappa rearrangement." Molecular immunology. 2009 Jul; 46(11-12):2183-9. Epub 2009 May 20.
Conejo-Garcia JR, Benencia F, Courreges MC, Khang E, Zhang L, Mohamed-Hadley A, Vinocur JM, Buckanovich RJ, Thompson CB, Levine B, Coukos G. "Letal, A tumor-associated NKG2D immunoreceptor ligand, induces activation and expansion of effector immune cells." Cancer biology & therapy. 2003 2(4):446-51.


J.M. Vinocur and E.A. Stephenson, (P.P. Karpawich, Ed.) in press.. "Chapter in Adult Congenital Heart Disease". "Cardiac resynchronization therapy for the univentricular heart.". London, UK: Future Medicine, 2014.