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A. William Tank, Ph.D., ChairThe Department of Pharmacology and Physiology consists of faculty, fellows and students who are dedicated to cutting-edge scientific research, in order to work towards a better understanding of how the human body functions and to alleviate human diseases. The faculty is composed of distinguished scientists who are international leaders in the fields of cell signaling, G-proteins and ion channels, mitochondria and mechanisms of cell death, cardiovascular diseases and vascular biology, neurodegeneration and drugs of abuse, and integrative neurosciences. The department promotes a strong training program for both graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, and many of our graduates have gone on to become leaders in academia, industry and government. The University of Rochester is now in the process of implementing a new strategic plan, which emphasizes a number of research fields, including neuromedicine and cardiovascular biology, that fit well with the Department’s research interests. The Department is enthusiastic about being a part of this plan and the anticipated growth in the University’s research enterprise, as we aim to be one of the finest medical centers in the world.

A. William Tank, Ph.D.
Lewis Pratt Ross Professor of Pharmacology and Physiology and Chair

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Denise C. Hocking, PhD

Crossing Elmwood: Using ultrasound for tissue engineering

Tissue engineering has resulted in some remarkable achievements: skin substitutes, cartilage replacements, artificial bladders, urethral segments, blood vessels, bronchial tubes and corneal tissue substitutes.


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Paper of the Week, The Journal of Biological Chemistry

Kamil J. Alzayady

Kamil J. Alzayady, Ph.D.

David I. Yule, Ph.D.

David I. Yule, Ph.D.

A journal article by Kamil J. Alzayady, Larry E. Wagner II, Rahul Chandrasekhar, Alina Monteagudo, Ronald Godiska, Gregory G. Tall, Suresh K. Joseph, and David I. Yule was selected as a Paper of the Week by The Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Alzayady KJ, Wagner LE 2nd, Chandrasekhar R, Monteagudo AM, Godiska R, Tall GG, Joseph SK, and Yule DI. (2013) Functional inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors assembled from concatenated homo- and heteromeric subunits. J Biol Chem. 288:29772-29784. (Paper of the Week)

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2013 Convocation Award

Robert T. Dirksen, Ph.D. Dr. Robert T. Dirksen was selected as the 2013 recipient of the Excellence in Postdoctoral Mentoring Award. This award is presented to a postdoctoral mentor who shows dedication to postdoctoral trainees, as well as evidence of contributing significantly to their career development and professional advancement and was presented at the School of Medicine and Dentistry Convocation, September 12, 2013.

Faculty Focus Article

Alan V. Smrcka, Ph.D.

Alan V. Smrcka, Ph.D.

Smrcka Lab Page

Smrcka image

Dr. Alan V. Smrcka's recent article, "Phospholipase Cε hydrolyzes perinuclear phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate to regulate cardiac hypertrophy," published in Cell was the subject of a faculty focus article published in Inside URMC.

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Recent Publications

Maimon N, Titus PA, Sarelius IH. (2014) Pre-exposure to adenosine, acting via A2A receptors on endothelial cells, alters the PKA-dependence of adenosine-induced dilatation in skeletal muscle resistance arterioles. J Physiol. [Epub ahead of print]

Mercado KP, Helguera M, Hocking DC, Dalecki D. (2014) Estimating Cell Concentration in Three-Dimensional Engineered Tissues Using High Frequency Quantitative Ultrasound. Ann Biomed Eng.[Epub ahead of print]

Ruisanchez É, Dancs P, Kerék M, Németh T, Faragó B, Balogh A, Patil R, Jennings BL, Liliom K, Malik KU, Smrcka AV, Tigyi G, Benyó Z (2014) Lysophosphatidic acid induces vasodilation mediated by LPA1 receptors, phospholipase C, and endothelial nitric oxide synthase. FASEB J. Epub 2013 Nov 18.

Sromek AW, Provencher BA, Russell S, Chartoff E, Knapp BI, Bidlack JM, Neumeyer JL. (2014) Preliminary Pharmacological Evaluation of Enantiomeric Morphinans. ACS Chem Neurosci. [Epub ahead of print]

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