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Highland South Wedge Pharmacy

Some Early History

You've probably driven by the Highland Apothecary, 777 South Clinton Avenue, the old AAA building, is also the outpatient pharmacy for Highland Hospital, part of Strong Health.

There has been a community-based pharmacy on this location for many years; some people may remember it as Pickles Pharmacy. Today the Highland Apothecary is administered by a hospital with roots in the community stretching back to 1889.

The Highland Apothecary demonstrates that people value what neighborhood pharmacies provide in addition to filling prescriptions.

Today's Highland Apothecary Experience

In addition to a comprehensive inventory of drugs, both routine and those that are less common, the Highland Apothecary stocks products designed to speed recovery from injury of many kinds, including simple and complex procedures. The people behind the counter are trained to demonstrate and discuss any product in stock.

As in all Strong Health outpatient pharmacies, the ideal wait time it takes to fill in a walk in request for a prescription is 20 minutes or less.

Facilities built for group living are among its valued customers. They also have free delivery to adjoining parts of Rochester. Personal consultations that often begin with the question, “How did the doctor tell you to take this?” are always available with a certified pharmacist. The team has found that people frequently forget to ask their physician questions about taking their medication while they are in the doctor's office.

Special Services Found Only at Highland Apothecary

  • Free delivery to homes, offices, hospital rooms, clinics and group living communities and in adjoining neighborhoods
  • Overnight and express mail for special orders
  • Competitive prices
  • Quality medical equipment with coaching for effective use when needed
  • Free insurance billing

Technology at Highland Hospital

nurse at station

Highland uses bar code technology to stock ATM-type cabinets with medications in each nursing unit and care area. These cabinets are part of a comprehensive medication distribution system from Pyxis, a Cardinal Health company.

After the pharmacists have reviewed the medication orders, and entered into the pharmacy computer system, the medication information is transmitted to the Pyxis Medstation. Medication may not be removed from the cabinet unless the order has been reviewed by the pharmacist and recorded on the patient medication profile.

Bar-code technology is used throughout the purchasing and restocking process to ensure the right medication is stocked in the correct location in each medication cabinet. The system even reorders medication from our supplier!

Pharmacy Hours

The Highland Apothecary is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

If you'd like more information or would like to speak with someone at the pharmacy, call 585-279-4790.

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